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Oct 19, 2012 08:04 PM

Oyster Happy Hour needed

I'll be staying near Union Square on 12/1 and want to start my evening with some fresh oysters on the half shell. Are there any good happy hours in the area that specialize in oysters? I remember there was a $1 oyster thread a few years ago but cannot find it. I hoping there is an updated one. My search is not turning up anything.

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  1. Farallon is right there and is a pretty place, though a bit touristy. I can't vouch for the quality of the oysters, but the other happy hour snacks I've tried have been good.

    1. If you go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and search for "oyster," you will be able to find a number of past discussions that will be helpful.

      Here is a very lengthy thread on $1 oysters:

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        Thanks for finding the thread, I did use the search before posting my question but I couldn't find it.