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Oct 19, 2012 07:47 PM

Royal Kathin celebration, Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram, 2012

This year's celebration will be held on November 25, the Sunday following Thanksgiving. See also this thread on previous Kathin and Songkran celebrations... regards etiquette and timing.

Dave Cook

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  1. dave, do you know about what time the festival will begin tomorrow?

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    1. re: mellinlikethefruit

      Unless you will be paying your respects inside the temple, which on festival days can be too crowded even for the congregation, I suggest you arrive by 10:00. You can have a gander at the variety of food prepared for the celebration, and, perhaps, you'll find yourself sharing a donut and coffee with the folks who are setting up. Also at about that hour, the monks will begin accepting offerings of rice from congregants who have lined up outside. The buffet opens around 11:00. It, too, is very crowded, but good-natured; do bear in mind that this is a religious festival, in the spirit of fellowship rather than food frenzy. The festival is open to all without charge, though a donation to the temple is welcome.

      Dave Cook

      1. re: DaveCook

        Thanks for posting this reminder. I got there about 1 and the religious service was in full swing. We respectfully watched from a doorway, as it was packed. My ten year old was captivated,it was his first experience with this faith. Oh yeah, food. It was freezing cold and by the time we got there it was all set up inside in the kitchen on a large kitchen center table. Sadly,that meant a lot of cold curry though a tan colored pork one and a red one were delicious. I had some pickled eggplant , sour mango, laarb and a potato samosa. We had some other dishes that I could not identify in a million years that were delicious. We left a donation in the box as we left and the temple members could not have been kinder. I had been twice to the other temple that featured the Thai rock band, and like that event, the food here was prepared by home cooks. I could have asked more questions about the food but I felt like I was lucky to be there at all and with the food service in the kitchen, I just quietly sampled the food, tried to stay out of the way and take in the whole experience.