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Oct 19, 2012 07:21 PM

blues restaurants

Looking for a good place to hear blues, with dinner service (to keep it chow relevant). Not looking for stupendous food, but good, serviceable bbq, soul, etc. Looking for something with a real blues feel to it, like the clubs I used to go to in Oakland. anything like it in LA?

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  1. Harvelles in Santa Monica and Long Beach. No food in Santa Monica.

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      I clicked on the Santa Monica location, then the "menu" -- beer, wine, cocktails. I didn't see any food. Of course in downtown Santa Monica, it is not difficult to find good to great food nearby, though it might not be a park once situation. Unless you want upscale Mexican at Border Grill.

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      1. Not sure you can find a place that will be exclusively blues (ironically, the House of Blues in West Hollywood seldom offers that genre) but there are a few jazz restaurants around, such as Catalina Bar & Grill (mediocre food, though), NOLA's and Vibrato, which have different performers coming in so you could look at their calendars and try to find a blues night.

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          Vibrato is usually jazz but a great venue. It was developed by herb Albert. The best acoustics of any room in the US (from a music stand point). Its a steakhouse. The food is done by the Aroyo Chophouse/Parkway Grill Group and is usually very good. A higher end experience. Calendar link below.

          PS: My go to place when meeting with people between the City and Valley.

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            I don't really care for the Harvelle's in Santa Monica. It's a long narrow room with the bar along much of one side. The sound has been terrible the few (about 3) times I've been there and too much talking. No food as has been stated before. Never been to the Long Beach location. There is a place called Club Bugaloo in Hermosa Beach that I've never been to. I might run into a friend whose played there next Monday (and if I remember) I'll ask him about the place. The Hotel Cafe on Cahuenga has been having a "supersoul Mondays" going for a little while. I don't recognize anyone whose played there on a recent Monday so I'm not sure how bluesy, or soulful it's been. Not much of a menu. A grilled panini (choice of meat, cheese), some salads, a quesadilla, and fries. There a few other items but I usually get the pannini with ham and provalone. The pannini includes a simple side salad. Not that great but serviceable. Don't get the pastrami. It's been laced with gristle in my experience. Their shoestring fries are pretty decent. They do drinks there too. Sound is usually very good.

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              I finally ran into that guy I know who used to play Cafe Bugaloo in Hermosa Beach. He said the guy who owned it sold it to another individual and it changed in his opinion for the worse. He's heard (but not been there to verify) that it's getting better. As a musician I think he's more concerned with the bands and the audiences. I think they have a website and you can check the menu. I know the L.A. Weekly has a blues club schedule so you might check that. I kind of doubt there is anyplace here that compares to Oakland.

        2. The Baked Potato in Studio City has an all potato menu to go with it's it's Jazz.

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            I went to Vitello's yesterday in Studio City. It was jazz though (nothing wrong with jazz, of course). Italian food was actually decent, good space and acoustics. Jazz seems to be making a comeback, but blues is as dead as a doornail. Must be a generational thing.

          2. I haven't been, so I cannot attest to the quality of either the music or the food, but I've been meaning to try I wouldn't mind finding such a venue myself.

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              The house band at Arcadia Blues Club is good but the food is horrible. The fish for the fish and chips were only 1 small step up from fish sticks. The fries were typical frozen, not cooked enough. The headliner we went to see wasn't blues, but the posters showing upcoming shows looked like it would definitely be a place to go back to. Just eat somewhere else first.