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Oct 19, 2012 06:38 PM

Indy Sheraton Area Take-Out

My DH is at Methodist Hospital, scheduled for brain surgery next week. In spite of this, he's a Hound to the core, and has totally rejected the faux food offered by the hospital. I'm staying at the Sheraton and would appreciate suggestions for good take out and bakeries where I can get food to keep him happy.

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  1. >> I'm staying at the Sheraton

    Because Methodist Hospital is close to downtown, I'm guessing you are referring to the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel, and not the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing on the far north side.

    I love Rene's Bakery but it's not near downtown (it's in Broad Ripple on the north side). Perhaps locals can point you to a bakery downtown (as well as good places for carry-out).

    1. Suggestions seem to be a tad slow in coming. If you wish, I am willing cross-post your query
      to a mailing list of (sports car) friends in Indy. There are a few foodies in the group, but they do
      not participate here.

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      1. I would visit Goose the Market for some great sandwiches and to pick up cured meats/cheeses. It makes my list of a great foodie stop when I am visiting Indy.

        Cafe Patachou may also be an option.

        1. From my sports car friends in Indy:

          OK - Bakery is a no-brainer... Long's Bakery. World famous. Indescribably good stuff. Donuts to absolutely die for. Not too far from Methodist's 16th street downtown campus - 1453 N Tremont (intersection of 16th and Tremont - a few blocks west of Methodist). Wish I'd not brought it up, because now I can't stop thinking about them...

          Restaurant food is another animal because there are SO many great restaurants downtown. St Elmo's Steakhouse is, again, world renowned for their steaks, service and most particularly their cocktail sauce served with their Shrimp Cocktail; quite expensive, but worth it.

          At the other end of the spectrum and for down-home cooking, go to Maxine's Chicken and Waffles at 132 N East St.

          Pizza? Bazbeaux Pizza on Massachusetts Ave.

          Diner food? City Cafe at 443 N. Pennsylvania

          Seafood? The Oceanaire Seafood Room - another expensive place, but no fresher seafood in Indy.

          Another good restaurant that's a bit different is Barcelona Tapas at 201 N Delaware - Spanish tapas (small portions of lots of different foods to share), really good stuff.

          For other recommendations, check out UrbanSpoon, where you can search by different parts of the city. Also check out Indianapolis Monthly magazine's Dining Guide.

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          1. re: rainsux

            One more thing to consider. Those are good recommendations for restaurants for the area around the downtown Sheraton - there are lots more good places, including 14 West, Palomino, and down at the far end of Mass Ave, R Bistro - but I'm not sure which of them would be good for carry-out. Granted, any restaurant can package almost any dish to go, but some do a better job of packaging than others, and some items travel better than others. (I love the Oceanaire; it's my go-to place whenever I'm in downtown Indy. But I'm not sure I would do seafood for carry-out.)