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Oct 19, 2012 06:33 PM

Rudy's (In Hartsdale) in now open.

Yes, the building that held many different places in now named Rudy's.
I was driving down Central Ave tonight and saw many cars in the lot.

Tonight is their cold/soft opening night. Invited family and friends in to to a run thru with a
smaller menu.

It seems to be a higher end sports bar. I did not count the number of TVs but there were many.

And they do plan on have either live music or DJ's on weekends.

Located on Central Park Ave., South of the 4-Corners. IF you are going south, it is on Left side of
Central Park Ave/Rt. 100 across the street from Kids and Cribs store.

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  1. There is a mention of Rudy's opening in the old Jade Gardens spot in this month's Westchester magazine. They describe it as traditional american/southern restaurant and sports bar with 30 tv's. Says they will have comedic and jazz performances and karaoke. That seems to be a pretty eclectic mix of music for a sports bar. Price point for entrees is $17-$24. They have a website