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Oct 19, 2012 05:14 PM

Lake Spring in Monterey Park?

We've been rounding up our Food Posse for a Chinese foray, and our best authority on that has suggested the above restaurant as offering "awesome Shanghainese." A search on this here Board has yielded nothing but scattered allusions to Silver LAKE, SPRING Street, stuff like that. I've spent as much time dealing with Yelp this week as I can stand, so I'm asking the CH brethren and sistren who might know this place to share what they can. As we trust this guy's taste completely we're assuming it's good; I'm just looking for recommendations. And many thanks in advance.

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  1. All the Lake Spring related posts on Chowhound.

    In short, it was good maybe 15 years ago. Nowadays? Sort of like Campanile.

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      ipse, if Mr. Lee says it's awesome it's awesome, so it must've come back since last time you checked. But "shiny" has a tendency to eclipse "consistent," as many of us understand; the old standard might be dealing out exactly what was new! and different!! twenty years ago, but those who want Newer and More Different are going to insist it's gone downhill. My take is that if it was tasty then it's tasty now, period. Your comparison with Campanile is telling; according to J. Gold's mournful farewell, it maintained its standards and goodness right up to the end, but its constituency apparently wanted new! and different!! I just want a good plate of tasty grub, in the same place for the same price whenever I want it. New is dandy if it's good, different is great if it's good, but GOOD is the gold standard, and that is unchanging.

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        What are your recommendations for Shanghainese fare these days?

        1. re: JThur01

          I think for Shanghainese comfort food I like Ho Ho Kitchen (which makes an awesome Dung Po Pork and XLB), Yu Garden (aka Shanghai Yu Yuan) and Mei Long Zhen.

      2. It was at one time the best Shanghainese place in the SGV. And then it wasn't. And then it kind of was again, although it didn't get much acclamation here, and then . . . I can't tell you, frankly. There have been four or five generations of shinier places.

        But it is, or was, ground zero for the pork pump, and the vegetarian goose was good, and the braised fish head, and the fried fish with hair seaweed. But mostly the pork pump. Let us know how it is.