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Oct 19, 2012 04:59 PM

Site Navigation Glitch or missing expectations on a page with a video.

I'm on a page with a video.. and I'm in the process of writing a comment --while not signed-in because Chow has an orderly method of prompting me to sian in after I finish my comment.-- and I decide that I want to include the name of the woman in the video so I press play to replay the video.

The URL remains the same but I get bounced into a new video and comment thread and my comment vanishes. Logically I press "back" and I get bounced AHEAD to a URL that goes with the NEW video that was playing and the same comment page. Further back I cannot go.

I HATE losing a comment after I have spent some time and thought in the writing and will seldom repeat it.

Thank you for listening. I hope that you can take it into account and make a more coherent experience for the viewer.

Now on a personal note: I'd like to know, technically, what was happening, and if and when you solve it, how you did. If you cannot, what gets in the way. Yes I would really really like to know these things. :D

edit: spelled Chow cow

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  1. The first half of the problem you ran into has to do with the way comments are loaded. Whenever a new video is loaded (which happens automatically when a video ends), the comments for that video are also loaded. To prevent this feature from causing you to lose a partially completed comment, the video is automatically paused when you begin writing one. This approach unfortunately does not take into account situations like the one you encountered; thank you for bringing the shortcoming to our attention.

    The second half of your experience has to do with the way our video pages works; specifically, new videos are loaded with javascript instead of full page loads. This allows videos to load more quickly but has several downsides, including (as you noticed) poor behavior from the back button. We hope to address this issue as part of a larger cleanup of our videos section in the near future.

    Our apologies for the frustration, and thank you for your report.