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Oct 19, 2012 03:28 PM

Engagement place in Los Angeles

Hi all,

I am planning to propose to my girlfriend very soon. Unfortunately I have not had much luck finding a place to do it. I am looking for a small romantic and private outdoor area where I can do my proposal. The place could be anywhere around Los Angeles. I would love if it could be like a small garden or rooftop where I could set up one table and have dinner. Everything I find, it seems as though it is designed for a large party, like the Oviatt Rooftop or the Japanese Garden in Van Nuys. I would like to bring in food from the outside or have the place cater it, if it is possible. Unfortunately, most restaurants are always packed on Friday nights, which is the day of the week I would propose. I would really appreciate any advice you guys might have. Thank you in advance!

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  1. By the swan pond, on the grounds of the restaurant at Hotel Bel Air. They're less busy on a weeknight. Aim for a night with full moon for added effect. Make sure you tell them of your intent of proposing when you make the reservation, and the staff there will really try to make it a great experience for you both.

    Good luck!

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      J.L. is exactly right. Also, make a reservation to spend the night. Go from your table to your room.
      Worked that way for my son and D.I.L.
      Good luck.

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        wow tank you so much for the amazing tip! I called and they informed me that to rent the space around the lake would be very expensive, but if I dine at the restaurant, I could call the week of and they might be able to allow me to privately use the space for a few minutes. If I don't find anything concrete, I will definitely go with this idea. Again, thank you very much!

      2. Look for a hotel with a suite with a view of the city lights, and a balcony big enough for room service dining set up for two, and then let nature take its course(s)...

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          that is also a good idea! The only problem is that I want to hire a guitar player to play our song when I am about to propose and logistically it would be hard to do it in a room.

        2. Doesn't your GF read Chowhound?!?

          If not, are you sure you are really compatible?

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              Maybe she doesn't know her BF's handle is asca2...

            2. Patio at Saddle Peak Lodge.

              1. The Little Door in LA. Il Cielo in Beverly Hills. Both are sweet and romantic with patios.

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                  +1 for Il Cielo. Definitely very romantic.