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Oct 19, 2012 02:54 PM

Salvation Pizza or Via 313

Not sure if I should even ask for a comparison, but I was wondering if any one has been to either of these places. My husband and I are in desperate need of a cheat day and I think we're going the pizza route. We want to try something new and being from Detroit we're intrigued by Via 313. But my husband saw someone eating a pie from Salvation pizza so we were wondering about that.


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  1. Cheat day: Salvation I've not tried but Via 313 we've loved. it's delicious and they walk your pies right into one of Austin's best bars the Violet Crown. The Detroiter, Rocket, Greek, and Meatball pies have been stellar and if you just hit the bar, enjoy one of several taps, and certainly an "iron whip" or 50, order your pie, you'll have a great cheat night, guaranteed. The outdoor view leaves a bit to be desired, but it's serviceable. the point is, pop on a bit of a buzz, and grab one of those pies.

    1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the Salvation trailer right across the street from the Via 313, or is that another pizza?

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        That would be awesome if it. I looked at Salvations website and it states that they are on 34th street, so I'm going to say that's a different one. Thanks slowcooked for the info, I am officially HUNGRY!!

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          I've never been to Salvation, but have been to Via 313. I agree with everything slowcooked said. I have never been to Detroit, so i don't know how authentic it is, but i like it.

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          Troy, you're thinking of Spartan Pizza.

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            ok, spartan, that's it. I knew there was an "s" in it.

        3. The trailer across from Via 313 is Savage Pizza if I'm not mistaken. Both good!!! Although I would probably give the nod to 313, like the sauce and crust better!!

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            Ok, so if I got to to Via 313 am I going to be stuck with a bunch of drunk college kids, or hipsters that thing they're too cool for school? There's a reason why I avoid downtown like the plague. Mainly 'cause I feel like I might catch it. So, is it worth the hassle to drive from Round Rock?

          2. I have not been to Via 313, nor eaten Detroit style pizza, but from the pictures it couldn't be more different than Salvation. Deep dish vs. thin crust, etc.

            I really like Salvation, whose pizza is an attempt to provide Austinites with New Haven-style "apizza." While it's not a patch on the original Pepe's or Sally's, it's pretty good. In particular, it's the only local place I know where you can get a white clam pie.

            The service can occasionally be "Austin indifferent," but it is in a nice old house on 34th, so you're not subject to the weather. The crowd is pretty casual - students, locals, etc. I don't want to oversell it. It's pretty good, not great. But if you're feeling homesick Via 313 certainly has its appeal.

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            1. re: brentwood

              Decided on Via 313. It did not disappoint. Usually when I try somewhere new for my "cheat day" I waste a bunch of calories and regret every decision. The pizza was SOoooooOOOOooo Good. If you're from the Detroit area that you are probably familiar with Buddy's pizza and that's what 313 reminded me of. It really hit the spot, and although my stomach will seek it's revenge on me, it was worth it. PS-Faygo Rock and Rye?!?!?!? Come on? How much better can life get? I will definitely be back there. They had a nice set up of trailers across the street to I'll have to check out.

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                And regarding your question about drunk college kids or nests of hipsters coming out of the woodwork, that's sort of what I like best about the Violet Crown - I've never felt it had either one of those vibes and I took my entire lab from UT there one day for happy hour, bought 18 drinks and the tab was 40 dollars. Even the bartender admitted they have the best happy hour prices in town.

                1. re: slowcoooked

                  Yeah, that area is a hidden gem. I would have spent all night there with hubby if we hadn't gotten pizza drunk and had to go home and lay down for a few hours. Will definitely be back.

            2. Via 313 is opening another location at South Congress and Red Shed Tavern (Former Beverly's Bar). There's already a pizza trailer there, but it's not Via 313 IIRC.


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              1. re: sqwertz

                Yep, it's on their web page already: "OPENING 11/15/2012 Wed-Sat: 5p - 12a"