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Oct 19, 2012 02:31 PM

The Flying Chicken in Troy, NY

Have read some very good and appealing reviews online about this fried chicken/soul food joint. Any input from the hounds? I will gladly travel the 40 minutes for decent fried chicken. And would be ecstatic if it was reasonably sourced.

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  1. Just had dinner at the Flying Chicken tonight. We all had the chicken and waffles so I can't comment on the regular (bone in) fried chicken. I thought it was very good and a great bargain. I did think the fried chicken could have had just a bit more breading, though. But it was two good sized boneless skinless chicken breasts on a big waffle for $7. We also tried the fried grits balls and fried macaroni and cheese balls. I really liked the fried macaroni and cheese and my husband said the grits balls were good, too. We didn't like the cole slaw, though. It was big pieces of red cabbage and kind of oniony. I'd try a different side next time. I didn't think to ask abou the sourcing of the chicken, but since they don't say anything about it on the menu I would guess it's just standard chicken. It was nicely brined, though, so it was moist and flavorful. It was a very pretty space in the restaurant with a lot of local art works for sale on the walls. Nice mix of people enjoying their dinners, too. We'll definitely be going again.

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      Thanks, Amy. Will post a report when I get there.

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        I hope you enjoy it. We drove 20 minutes to get there and felt it was worth it, so hopefully it'll be worth a 40 minute drive, too.

    2. I believe the Times Union will be reviewing it on Sunday (11/4).

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        You're right! Steve Barnes reviewed it and loved it:

        I'm just thankful it was him and not Cheryl Clark who did the review.

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          Here's what's amazing, I sent two friends there for dinner on Friday, BEFORE the review hit the streets, and here's a summary of there comments.

          Diner #1:
          i got serverd my chicken it was raw. they made me another order, it was alos so raw.
          the coleslaw was utterly and completely tasteless except for the bitterness. no seasoning of anykind the colard greens were also chopped to big, tasteless and undercooked.
          it was just the worst meal i have had ever.
          i can see getting chicken a bit underdone, both times were raw and to it twice shows a completel lack of skill and the sides were just the worst. and seems to show the 2 younge men who are running it have no culinary skills at all. just guys who wanted to set up a business and took at idea from diners, drive in and dives.
          and the reviews and comments on yelp can only be explained by the low stanard the area has for food. "the chef" obvoiusly graduated at the bottom of his class"

          "One of my pieces was done well and was delicious. But the other was also too red in the middle. The sides were unremarkable, collard green and cole slaw. For me the biscuit had a funky flavor, something from the pan, I think. The grit fritters were good enough but overshadowed by the rest of the meal. The owner was charming. That's the best I can say.

          WOW, what a difference from Steve's experience. I'm certainly tempted to go there now sometime soon. Hopefully we can get some additional perspectives from the Hounds here.

          1. re: Roger K

            Wow! That's also completely different than my experience (except for the cole slaw). I'm sorry your friends had such a bad meal there. Well, I guess time will tell if this place can get its act together to put out consistently good fare and whether it makes it or not.

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                Maybe it was creative difference over what cole slaw should taste like. I hope the restaurant survives because it really was a good meal (at least ours was) and a neighborhood gathering place.

      2. Well, I finally made it there, and thought it was wonderful. Only wish it wasn't so far from home (I do live in the middle of nowhere.) We went for lunch, and both had bone-in fried chicken, and I had coleslaw. We found the chicken moist, well seasoned, perfectly fried.
        I read the comments re: "raw chicken", and wonder as to the definition. My thigh had a tinge of pink at the bone; to me, that was perfectly (as in not over) cooked. Not even a hint of pink in any of our other pieces.
        I found the coleslaw fresh and with enough pepper to have some zing. Companion had fries which he liked. I don't bother much with french fries.
        Will definitely go back as often as I get to Troy.
        Found the service very pleasant too, and was happy to see a fair business at 1:30 in the afternoon. Also, mentioned to the owner that I'd started the thread here, and was pleased that he'd read all of it.
        By the way, dining companion and I both enjoyed the casual yet clean and attractive ambiance. My kind of place!

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          Great to hear. As to the definition of "raw chicken" I've had chicken cooked by the person who used the term and what he typically serves also has a bit of pink at the bone. I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself. The reviews I've been reading are too mixed.

            1. re: mjoyous

              Got there on a Friday night about 9 pm. There were a few customers and I saw that they are open until 4 am on Fridays. Good to know!

              I ordered the Fried Combo ($7), 2 pieces with a side and biscuit. Instead of a thigh & drumstick, I chose the breast & wing. I was quickly informed that they were out of the bone-in breast but would be willing to give me a boneless breast. My wife suggested that the breast would probably be drier without the bone, but I said let's go for it.

              My wife chose a sandwich special, Grilled Chicken Chimichurri ($5) - with avacado mayo, red onion, and arugula and a side order of Hoppin' John. They don't have an alcohol license so we ordered a couple of Day's canned sodas - a watermelon and a ginger ale.

              It turned out that I did get served a chicken breast with bone along with a wing. The chicken was fully cooked and still juicy. The breading was think, crunchy and tasty. There was one very small bit of breading that got hidden within a tuck, deep between some meat, so it never received the benefit of the fryer. Overall though, the chicken was really good. I never did receive a biscuit, but the side of fries were overwhelming. Unfortunately they turned cold very quickly and were neither enjoyable or worth finishing at that point.

              My wife said her chicken was properly cooked and the flavors of the sandwich all blended well, but it was nothing outstanding. Similarly, the hoppin' john was nothing special, it was a little bland.

              Service was friendly and knowledgeable. Before I forget, they have a decent pinball machine. Be sure to push the start button REALLY hard to get it started.

              1. re: Roger K

                As a retired wizard, I liked the pinball machine too!

                1. re: Roger K

                  "Got there on a Friday night about 9 pm. There were a few customers and I saw that they are open until 4 am on Fridays. Good to know!"

                  Looks like they're going they're going for the student crowd. Wish we had something like this when I was a student there, way back when. :)