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Oct 19, 2012 02:05 PM

Chinese In Clifton

I am looking for a good chinese place in the clifton area. Prefer one that might deliver. CHengdu 46 is very good but can get a little pricey. Looking for something more authentic and a little more affordable. Thanks!

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  1. I would try Chengdu 23 in Wayne
    Cheng Du 23
    (973) 812-2800 -
    57 Rt-23, Wayne, NJ

    1. Chengdu 23 is excellent, but, they do not deliver especially to Clifton.

      I have found one that is as good or IMHO a little better than Chengdu 23 and they do deliver to Clifton. It is

      199 Bellevue Ave.,
      Upper Montclair, NJ

      We have eaten there several times and had deliver to our friends house in Clifton a couple of times. They use everything fresh not processed and their food is really delicious. We were so happy to find them. My favorites are chicken with eggplant and chicken Lo Mein and especially love their veggie wonton soup.

      You can even order online.

      1. China Garden on Main Ave in Clifton is a step up from the take-out places, although the prices are a bit higher, I believe the quality is better.

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          wblorch - We used to go to China Garden years ago, but, then they lost Chef Lu and over the years things were never the same. Sometimes the food was very good and sometimes very bad. Have you been there recently? I would like to try them again, but, the last time I spent a ton of money for take out and it was almost inedible.

          1. re: nizza

            I go twice a month either for dim sum or dinner. The dishes I have are the same for over 14 years. For takeout maybe TS MA is better? I have only been there once and it was good.

        2. Funny--my first two thoughts were Chengdu 23 and TS Ma as well, but I didn't think C23 would deliver, and while I def enjoy TS Ma, I don't think it's *interesting* Chinese food. Definitely better quality for the basics that you'll find in a 'generic' place, but this isn't Sichuan, whereas C23 very definitely IS!
          I say try both, but if you need delivery, TS Ma is a good choice.

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            I totally agree Curlz, I've had a number of C23's Sichuan dishes and they are delicious. The poster needed Clifton delivery and for that there is no place locally that has better food than T.S. Ma.