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Do you Facebook/Twitter/Instagram about food?

I regularly visit Chowhound, Facebook and Instagram and at all 3 sites I engage in a lot of food discussions, post food pics and make and receive recipe and restaurant food recommendations. I get all jazzed up when April Bloomfield o Marcus Samuelsson or some other chef I admire comments on something I posted. I follow many chefs on FB and Instagram... Jamie Oliver posts great photos on Instagram, by the way.

How about you? How do you use social networking to discuss, learn about, and enjoy food?

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  1. Twitter nerd here.
    I'm pretty sure it is how I "found" @CHOW
    I sometimes post photos of what I am cooking.
    I sometimes follow "big name" or celebrity chefs, but I tend to drop them if they tweet more than once or twice a day. Mostly local (Midwest) and vegetarian stuff interests me long-term (e.g. @eartheats).

    1. no,doubtful time would ever permit more than CHOW

      1. I'm not sure if the actor Neil Patrick Harris is still Tweeting about food and posting food pixs but when a friend shared some of his Twitter account I was entertained.

        I'm not a fan of Pinterest, love the Evernote food app, and Instagram is used by so many of my relatives I can't avoid it...but I tread pretty lightly when it comes to my own social networking habits. I still prefer face to face, my career as a photographer makes me old school at heart..but, there is no denying the popularity of food flash in a modern age.

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          I'll have to see if NPH is on Instagram. I can appreciate your old school ways as a photographer. I follow a former photo teacher of mine on Instagram and she posts on it every day. But she is a film lover too and just instagrams for fun.

          My DH travels internationally a lot and he has finally downloaded the Instagram app and I love keeping up with where he is and what he's eating via Instagram.

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            He actually set up a separate feed for his food-related tweets: @NPHFoodPorn

            Apparently, some of his fans were annoyed by all of the food-tweeting. :)

          2. I usually don't follow the famous Chefs on Facebook, but one would find in my circle of friends a picture of a particularly nice dish with the corresponding recipe every so often. I do it once in a blue moon, certainly not on a daily basis.

            1. No, I don't use "social networking" for anything. Don't need it, don't trust it.

              1. I used to facebook more, but my social networking these days is pretty much focused on G+, and I've just begun tweeting about food, often posting pics if a given pic I want to share fits within their size limitation.

                I love G+ as a platform for sharing and discussing, and I post full step by step cooking albums there every day along with full bloglength posts. Lots of good engagement with other foodniks over there.

                As for pinterest, while I don't pin others' content at all at this point, I find it a great way to visually index my own blog recipes.

                Haven't used instagram at all, but I'm almost always on laptop rather than mobile, so I haven't needed to... yet. Plus G+ has a similar photo editing package with many of the same kinds of filters, so if I want to achieve that Instagrammed look on any of my pics (which I very rarely do), I can do that as well.

                Oh, and so far, I'm finding Rick Bayless and Tom Colicchio to be fun and interesting tweeters, but again I've just gotten started there, so I'm sure I'll find more. :)

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                  I've never explored G+ but you make it sounds like maybe I should. ;-)

                  Tastespotting has always been fun to explore and easy too.

                  If anyone is an Avett Bros. fan, Joe Kwon (the cellist in the band) has a great food blog called Taste on Tour, http://tasteontour.com/, and his Instagram & FB posts & pics are always interesting and usually food related.

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                    Thanks for pointing me to that blog. He's a great photographer.

                    1. re: lynnlato

                      Mr. Kwon has his priorities straight...that's some food on tour journal! Avett Bros were playing live on Rachael Ray this morning.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        HillJ I completely forgot to DVR it! I'm a huge fan... of the Avett Bros. (not so much of RR). Hopefully I can catch that episode online.

                        inaplasticcup - He really does have a great eye. You should see his pics of Instagram of not only food but of the band and places they visit while on tour. Oh and yesterday I emailed Joe Kwon to tell him I couldn't find the link to his mother's recipes. He emailed me back within a couple of hours and said that he had completely forgotten it and he thanked me for pointing it out.

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                          I'm glad you mentioned that because I also looked for that link and couldn't find it. :)

                  2. Here is a previous thread about chefs on Twitter. As you can see I follow quite a few. IMHO Fabio Viviani tops the list for most prolific tweeter (plus he responds to everyone who tweets to him), as well as most posts on Facebook. He also has an email letter. He is one busy social networker.


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                      Batali is pretty prolific as well, but in bursts - I started following him primarily to see where he hangs out in Michigan. :) But one night at a small Italian place in San Francisco, a question about regional cuisine came up over dinner, and he tweeted me a response by the next morning. Good guy - always an educator.

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                        I just checked and Fabio Viviani is on Instagram too. Wow, he does get around, doesn't he? ;-)

                        He led me to Chris Cosentino and Richard Blais and Chow.com's Instagram - go figure! Blais has, shockingly, 28,000 followers! Holy crap!

                      2. I do post food pics occasionally on FB or Instagram, but they're usually the same or similar pics that I post to my blog.

                        1. No. I don't. If someone wants to know what I think of a meal or something I ate, I'll tell them personally. I don't post, twit, facebook...or any other non-personal media. I like to talk to people...face to face...look them in the eye and know that they're listening.

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                            njm, obviously you're not including the lack of face to face participating in the Chowhound community :) !

                            As a fellow non-user though, are you finding it (as I am) more difficult to connect with people who aren't using FB, Twitter, etc. these days. IOW, do you in any way feel out of the loop for electing NOT to participate in social media and expecting only face to face connections.

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                              I understand people's aversion to social media. Sites like Instagram are nice because they are a creative sharing of photographs. I love, love, love looking at photos of food, especially when they are taken by the chef himself/herself. Tastespotting has the same kind of allure for me.

                            2. I haven't latched on to instagram yet, apparently I'm lagging behind on that one! But I'm big into facebook and twitter. Pinterest also has some decent stuff, but you have to dig around for it a bit.

                              1. I post what I'm having for dinner on FB on my own Wall (pretty much what I write up for the WFD thread on Home Cooking) but that's it. Rarely post photos. It's just for my FB friends. And I don't tweet. Don't think there's any reason to do so, and I'm too verbose for the limited character count. I'm not a fan of nor do I have the time for Tastespotting or Pinterest.

                                1. No. I post them here. Nobody gives a shit what I have to say about anything, so best post it to the appropriate forum and hope for some interesting exchange.

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                                    Hahahaha!!! We give a shit EWSflash! ;-)

                                  2. Becoming more and more educated on all matters food is pretty much all I use SN for.
                                    I've not yet got my smart phone upgrade (trying to delay the switch as long as possible), but, I'm sure that as soon as I do, Instagram will be my new best friend.
                                    I've always wanted to blog about my food but I've never had the patience or skills to drop on a new camera, so, getting to show & discuss without extensive showing or discussion is something I'm looking forward to.