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Genny Cream Ale.

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A delightful tipple. Seriously.

I don't know if my standards have lowered, if old man beers are under going a revival (some brands have been bought by people with too much money and are doing. . . things), or if I am just a reactionary against all the foodie nonsense that has invaded beer.

I would recommend a 24oz green can to Anne Romney herself.

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  1. Used to drink it back in my college days, it was a step up from the swill we usually drank.

    1. Mormons are forbidden from drinking. I guess you could still recommend it to her, though.

      1. I agree its actually not bad. Had some a few months back on a lark and was pleasantly surprised. In fact there was someone here who complained in a thread that it was a hop bomb much to amusement of the hop heads so maybe theres something there after all...

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          I was surprised by the overall refreshing quality, usually beer like this has an unpleasant stickiness or chemical smell. This is no PBR. I would recommend it to anyone that prefers lightly hopped, light colored beer and to snobs like myself who are expecting it to be god awful.

        2. I was never a fan of the 'lager', but Genny Cream has for many years been good, dependable, and quality 'mainstream' brew, better than most of the mainstream 'lighter' beers.

          I only wish they still made the heftier, slightly hoppier "12 Horse Ale" that I used to enjoy in my college days in the early 70's.

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            A number of beers from old regionals helped me survive the early days of craft brewing, when nothing much was going on in the east. I recall Fred Koch of Dunkirk, NY; Prior Double Dark; Ballantine IPA.

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              just released apparently. I'll have to look for this, but I won't ask for it because i don't what anyone to know i'm looking for it.

            2. Ah, memories. GCA chilling in the Delaware river, a chunk of cheddar cheese, and my buddy Bill and I fishing for nothing on the bank in Calicoon, NY in the summer. When did I get so friggin' old?

              1. Good for you..glad you enjoy a Genny product. Living in Rochester as an adult..i didn't grow up here..I've never seen a local brewery get so little respect by the hometowners. Pittsburgers for example love their Iron City beer..but Genesee is looked down upon in its own town, Ironically,
                the trend to local wines and foods (locavores) is hugely trending now. Local business vs big box. But that kind of love doesn't extend to Genny somehow.

                1. I recently noticed this at a local retailer (Minnesota). I haven't had it (or seen it) since I was in graduate school in Ohio nearly 20 years ago. I remember drinking it from keg at many parties.