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Where to go for drinks and apps tomorrow?

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  • Jakis Oct 19, 2012 01:10 PM
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Looking to have a few drinks and apps tomorrow night with my girlfriend. Anyone, recommendations on a place with a good bar to sit at that has good food. Last couple places we went to have been hopgood foodliner, barque, beast, and black hoof.

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  1. Maybe 416 Snack Bar

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    2. chantecler

      1. I've heard good things about the Museum Tavern (especially if you like cocktails).
        Recently I went to dbar, which was fun, good late night bar menu (went appropriately so at night, had a charcuterie plate and interesting cocktails), and suits in the trump hotel, which was pretty empty and almost too businessy for date night, but the complimentary truffled popcorn was delicious. I'm not a seasoned reviewer, so people who have been to any of the above could speak more to the likes/dislikes.

        1. The Saint
          Harbord Room

          1. The Saint, La Carnita, Campagnolo, Enoteca Sociale, Guu