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Oct 19, 2012 12:36 PM

Cucuzza recipe ideas

I have a gigantic cucuzza and need some ideas on how to make it tasty. I think I would like to make a soup bc it seems easiest and I have about 30 ppl to feed. This cucuzza is about 15 lbs so I obviously won't be using the whole thing. I was thinking of a soup but am not too fond of the tomatoe based recipes I've found online. Ideas?

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  1. Slice part of your squash (zucca) long and very thin. Use the zucca slices instead of pasta to make lasagna.

    Vivi, ama, ridi e mangia bene! Buon appetito!

    1. You can still make a soup that is not tomato based. Go Asian! My Japanese friend made his version of miso soup with lots of veggies and tofu. He used eggplant, but I would suggest you chop up your cucuzz' and add it in.

      1. If you're not set on the soup idea, try cutting it lengthwise in strips about four inches long and shredding it on a box grater (or similar) and sautéing it in some oil, adding crushed ginger and garlic near the end of cooking.

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          I like the shredded idea. I've never tasted the squash and was thinking of using it in a butternut squash soup recipe but a weary that the flavor of the squash isn't as sweet as the butternut so may come out strange.

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            Go with the lasagna. The other ingredients will have enough flavor to enhance the dish. Your guest will all think it was a great creative idea.