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Oct 19, 2012 11:13 AM

Induction cookware for Shabu Shabu/Korean BBQ?

Hi guys...So I recently picked up a Tatung induction plate that was on sale online (around 50 bucks or so) and I'm just wondering if there some good cookware recommendations you can provide me to build an all around set for my induction plate...

I have picked up an 11" fry pan @ Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx (can't remember exactly which place it was)... The plate did come with one pot which I probably can use for Shabu Shabu...

I recently ate out at a restaurant and they had induction plates... I didn't get a chance to ask about their korean bbq grill plates that they used.

It's a pretty common flat top grill plate but it was on top of another plate or something that they poured in water to give a double boil effect Im guessing it cooks the meat faster...I've went around local asian markets and unable to find induction compatible plates.

Has anyone been able to find one? (I'm in SoCal). I was thinking of getting one of those mongolian/korean bbq type stove plates and placing that over my pan with water to see if I could get the same effect.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I don't know much about Shabu Shabu or Korean BBQ, sorry.

    However, De Buyer Mineral pans rock on a portable Induction unit.

    1. Most Korean BBQ plates are meant for use on butane hot plates. I have a couple, an ceramic, and a steel one. Both have a domed center. The steel is the right material, but the domed center, which should be the hottest part, will be too far above the induction surface.

      I have seen flatter ones, but I think they were all in cast aluminum.

      A Mexican 'comal', might work for grilling meats. This is simple steel disk with a slightly raised rim intended for grilling tortillas. The induction burner will heat the comal, though more often I use it on the electric stove, or butane hotplate, or as a baking sheet.

      For frying stuff on my induction burner (a Max Burton) I usually use an induction compatible aluminum pan. I've picked up several at TJMaxx, mostly Berndes brand. These give the most even heat, since cast aluminum conducts well.

      Keep in mind that heat is generated only above the induction coil. You can estimate its size by boiling a half inch of water and observing where most of the bubbles occur.

      A grill heated directly by burner will be hotter than anything heated by a water bath. Hot water cooks meat, but does not brown it.

      1. My first induction burner was a Tatung; it died. But it came with a wide stainless pot that should work for Shabu Shabu or other table side soups. The bottom was kind of thin, so wasn't that great for frying stuff, but for simmering it was ok.

        Chinese groceries sell a variety of electric hot pots, hot plates with a separate or integral pan for this sort of table side cooking. A possible problem with an induction hot plate is the noise of the cooling fan.