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Oct 19, 2012 11:10 AM

Looking for festive, decorated restaurant for dinner in December

I know it's only October but I like to plan ahead! My monthly dinner group is always looking for something festive for our December dinner where we usually enjoy a nice meal and exchange gifts.

We had a terrible dinner at the Concord Inn a few years ago (terrible as in both food and service) but the atmosphere was wonderful. Holiday decorations, warm atmosphere, fireplace... Would love to find something with atmosphere and good food.

Would prefer Metro-West area as we live in all directions and getting into the city is a pain for some. Something with entrees in the $20s or less preferred. Any thoughts? Was thinking Cafe Escadrille but I've never been and I have no idea if they get festive around the holidays.

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  1. I'm not a fan of Escadrille. What about L'Andana or Coach Grill for same type of menu / price range? I'm sure both would be done up for December.

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      Where is Coach Grill? Is that the one out in Wayland or Sudbury?

    2. Not a top favorite all around for me, however, The Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square is at that price point and does decorate nicely for the holidays (and I am pretty sure they have a fireplace but don't use it) - the Zebra Room is kind of wildly decorated and out front by the park - good for a group if you want some degree of intimacy without a private room. The service is always fine and the food is fine to good.

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        Oh, they use that fireplace, all right! (At least, they used to. I can remember getting rather well roasted during a New Year's Day brunch there, but that was several years ago.)

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          lol, yup! had a friend nearly roast to death in front of it one dinner!

      2. I would assume that the Wayside Inn would be decorated well for the holidays. There is at least one smaller dining room in the older part of the restaurant that has a fireplace.

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          Yes, agree with the Wayside Inn. It is always beautifully decorated for the holidays and the service is good. I always see lots of small groups there, especially in the large main dining room. There are several fireplaces in the various rooms. The food quality is definitely a couple notches above the Concord Inn (which I agree is meh) but it is not high end, fine dining.