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Oct 19, 2012 10:44 AM

Where can I find Strip T's-like

I love Strip Ts. Why? the flavors, the creative way they get to those flavors, the keen desire to please, the low-key vibe and casual atmosphere, the extremey reaonable prices for the incredible food.

I eat out more and more rarley--why? I am cooking more than ever at home due to dietary issues. and budget is aways a concern. So when I do go out, I love it to be someplace that will be a home run, like Strip T's).

So,having expressed my undying love for them, I want to find a StripT's alternative. I live deep into Quincy. Getting home from work, tending to things there and then heading back out to Watertown is a big endeavor. I want to find some places that can fill in for Strip Ts when I just can't get over there.

Whatever price to satisfaction ratio I have at Strip Ts (which I would say is 1:1 for me) I'd like to duplicate.

Any thoughts on something Boston-or Southie/Dorcester on south that I should consider for:

delicious and unusual flavors at a price point that is fairly affordable? I'd love to go to #9 Park, Hammersley's, Eastern Standard, Mistral, ErbaLuce, Coppa, Toro-the list coud go on and on--every night. but it is not in my budget nor would it help my waistline.

I' love to have in my back pocket a few closer alternatives to STs.

Sure I like Fat Cat; have a great fondness for Alba; Abby Park has a great vibe for dining at the bar; I want to love Remick's but cannot (I have to give their execution a sad 6 out of 10).

There's lots more places I could comment on. With all the money and time in the world I would try them all.

Since that's not the case--where would you go if you were tying to get smething like Strip T's--but closer to Quincy? (I'm sure folks in ohter areas woudl like such a list, too!)

Thanks folks!

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  1. My recommendation for people who want to be careful about money and eat well is to go Asian.

    There are lots of great Thai, Chinese, Viet Namese places out there that are affordable and produce high quality food.

    Not Strip T's but delicious and isn't that the point? I do not think that was the answer that you were looking for, but it is the best one that i know from living here in Boston more than 15 years.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      That is n good suggetion and I agree--the flavors can be great.

      Still want some great STs like/ish/nearish spots!

      1. re: SeaSide Tomato

        Try Lincoln Tavern in South Boston (see recent Boston Globe review) - I love the vietnamese places in Dorchester and Cafe Polonia in South Boston. I don't know Quincy but I understand Basta Pasta has an outpost there (I've eaten many times at the one in Cambridge) - can't vouch for it but I would guess it's pretty good.

    2. sst , i can't get you south of boston but in Cambridge, I find East by Northeast (Inman Sq) to have a lot of the inventive-w/asian-influences reflected in Tim's orientation. We are big fans of both chefs; they are young and adventurous , with a solid understanding of layers of flavors- both simple and complex, the important play between acid and unctuousness, and a bit of playfulness while being dead serious about their art. East by Northeast's portions are def not as generous as Strip T's but that may be my only significant complaint there. Hope you try it. Very small place, quiet and attractive.

      1. The second time I ate at Strip-T's in young Maslow's tenure, I thought, "This talent won't stay in this small, remote space for long." I predicted in my Devil's Dining Awards last December that he'd either be drafted by another owner or move to a bigger space closer to the city before too long. I still expect that to happen soon.

        I love that little space and the story behind it, but I think I'd rather see that chef somewhere that is easier for a bigger audience (like folks who live in Quincy but aren't as hip and dedicated as the OP) to discover his food. I keep bringing non-food-nerd friends there, they're always floored and return soon on their own, and they all say the place was completely off their radar. Even Corby Kummer didn't get around to it for almost a year, and presumably he's pretty plugged into the scene.

        For me, it's like rooting for your favorite indie band to get signed (I guess in the pre-iTunes era) so they can find the audience they deserve, even if it means you'll have to rub shoulders with some bro-dudes at a less intimate venue the next time they tour. (To extend the bands-as-restaurants metaphor from another thread, I'd say the Seaport is the Dave Matthews Band.)

        I think the loss of Our Little Cognoscenti Secret is a fair price to pay for the success of someone who shuns the cookie-cutter, safe, mainstream formula to do something original and wonderful. You can always sullenly brag that you were into them before they got huge.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Since our first dinner here we've shared MC's hope that this place will be so successful they'll move (I'm longing for a real bathroom!!) but my hope is they won't move into the city - my fantasy is a fabulous place on the Charles in Watertown - we have no great restaurants on the Charles (Dantes comes closest) and what better place for a Watertown rising star than to own the first great waterview restaurant in Watertown?

        2. I think it's too much to wish for unfortunately. I've lived and worked in Quincy all my life and tend to head into town or Cambridge when my cravings start. What I wish for in Quincy is a really good Italian place. That said, Cafe Polonia is a good suggestion for Polish food. It's a small place. The. Staff genuinely cares about their customers. I took friends there recently and they couldn't get enough of the potato pancakes. We also stopped at the deli across the street and picked up some pierogies to cook at home.

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          1. re: Pegmeister

            Thanks Peg--I have been meaning to try Cafe Polonia. Better get off my a-- and get there.

            BTW-did go to Pho Hoa (north Quincy) last night for some delicious soup (been before, liked it, obviosly). My beef nooodle soup (suprisingly good sans- noodles --- (watching my carbs with flank, tendon, tripe, brisket and goodness knows what-all else was yummy. As were our lettuce wraps with beef three ways as a starter. DC loved his Chicken soup: full of succulent chicken and a really hearty broth.

            To Cambridge Doctor's earlier point above, yes-Asian places can be great and very affordable. I'd still love something more like St's-south. Hey--it's fun trying to find it!!

            Thanks all!

            1. re: SeaSide Tomato

              I like Cafe Polonia as much as the next guy, but comparing it to Strip T's is absurd. They are both restaurants that are good. That, as far as I can see, is where any likeness ends.

              1. re: FinnFPM

                Didn't mean to actually compare it with Strip T's, but rather meet some of the OPs criteria:
                Tasty food; reasonable price point; staff that really wants you to like their food and closer to Quincy.
                There is nothing like Strip T's in Quincy and I for one, haven't heard of anything planned for the immediate future.

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  Yes, that's why I suggested it too - not at all because it will fulfill the "Strip-T's" gap. Just because it offers authentic and good food nearer to the OP's home.

                  1. re: teezeetoo

                    Understood. I guess my problem is actually with the weirdness of the original question.

            2. re: Pegmeister

              We went to Cafe Polonia a couple of weeks ago; a tradition for some joint birthdays. Maybe it was an off night, but the food seems to have changed. The staff was wonderful and attentive, but - I ordered goulash, and it was grey, flat grey -no onions and a couple slices of mushroom. How do you even make a grey gravy, let alone goulash? There wasn't a hint of paprika in the dish. my husband had a pork chop, which he said was very tough. The sampler plate looked like it had been in the oven far too long. This was definitely not the same as in past years.

            3. Maybe dBar in Dorchester? Hip, interesting new American gastropub and not too expensive.

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              1. re: lipoff

                thanks-it's been onmy "I have to get over there" mental list for ages. I need to do that soon!