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Oct 19, 2012 09:48 AM

Dae Gee Korean BBQ in Westminster, CO?

Anyone ever been? As a Boulderite I've often complained about the lack of decent Korean around here, and have resorted to driving all the way to Aurora to get my kimchee jjigae and bulgogi fix. However, I searched Yelp for "Korean Restaurants" near Boulder and came up with a place in Westminster called Dae Gee Korean BBQ that gets excellent reviews. Their website is truly weird and doesn't really say much or have a menu online.

Anyone ever been or heard any first-hand accounts? Think I might drag the family down to Sheridan Blvd tonight to give it a try. It's certainly closer than Aurora!

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  1. Just got back... what a great find! Definitely a solid choice for Korean BBQ. The big attraction seems to be the all-you-can-eat BBQ special - $17.95 for plate after plate of raw meats to BBQ at your table. We actually didn't go for that, as I wanted to check out the funkier reaches of the menu, but my wife got the beef bulgogi and it was outstanding - not only was the meat flavorful, but the slaw/cabbage salad it came with and especially the chile sauce (all handmade in house) were amazing. The tofu, shrimp and mussel hot pot was good but I wish I'd ordered it extra-spicy, as it was not quite fiery enough for me. The banchan selection was excellent - eight plates, all delicious: kimchi pancake, fish cakes, sliced beef, pickled bean sprouts, cucumber kimchi, cabbage kimchi, sesame broccoli, and potato salad. The server was not only willing but downright anxious to refill our banchan as soon as we finished them. The three of us left stuffed, with leftovers, for a total of $50.

    Definitely gonna be making this a regular stop. It might not be quite as good as Seoul BBQ and some of the other Aurora stalwarts (though it might be - it was close), but it's waaaay closer to Boulder and definitely hit the spot.