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Oct 19, 2012 09:24 AM

Nick Malgieri cookbook

I'm thinking about buying a Nick Malgieri cookbook. The only recipe I've made is the supernatural recipe, and I was absolutely happy with it. But he doesn't seem to get as much attention as other baking gurus like Maida Heatter, Alice Medrich, Rose Levy Berenbaum and Dorie Greenspan, and the reception of his cookbooks on Amazon is not as unanimous as those mentioned above. I don't live in the States

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  1. I think it is a matter of taste and style. I have a couple of his older books, which are solid. I made my first Danish from How to Bake, have a staple pound cake from Chocolate, and a sponge and pastry dough from Perfect Pastry that i use for particular items. Personally (and please don't pelt me with stones), I'm not enamored. It's not that he is doing anything wrong, I'm just much more enchanted by Alice Medrich, as she is constantly evolving both her techniques and flavor profiles, David Lebovitz, Flo Braker, and other authors.

    1. I find Nick Malgieri's recipes to be excellent and extremely well thought out. I love his book Modern Baker, from which I make the best coconut cake I've ever made as well as a brilliant and foolproof method for berry or cherry pie. I have a bunch of his books, and though I wouldn't part with any of them, I find that Modern Baker is the one I use the most.