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Oct 19, 2012 09:17 AM

Sunday Fall Drive -- where for lunch!?

*posted in the PA boards*

My family and I plan on doing a early morning fall drive this Sunday (10/21) to look at the changing of the foliage in our great state. We currently do not have a set route, but we are planning to drive up north (from Philly) and most likely towards the Jim Thorpe/Poconos area (but not necisarrily there; just anywhere that would be good to see the changing of the season). We are looking for decent Vietnamese or organic/farm fresh food that is kid friendly.

My wife knows about Flow Restaurant in Jim Thorpe ( as a place she wants to eat at (hence us traveling up to that area), but it doesn't look too kid friendly. So this gives you guys an idea of what we are looking for.

Any thoughts or ideas of where we should go to eat, and what direction would be the best to go. Again, we do not necessarily need to go north of Philly, just anywhere that would be good for a scenic drive and end up at decent family-friendly food for a early/late lunch. Please no brunches!


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  1. I recently ate at Flow and enjoyed my lunch - there were children there and they were fine - if you have specific concerns, post them and I'll answer. We were there at about 2pm on a Sunday, so it was pretty quiet. The attached artist's gallery is also very nice and the exhibit in september was all about an alphabet book the artist had done for his child because he wanted a more challenging book!

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      My only issue is that their menu is pretty minuscule for lunch, based on what's shown on the menu. Do you have any items on that lunch menu that stand out for you?

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        After reviewing the possible areas we may venture into, I may have to scrap the organic/farm to table and Vietnamese ideas. Here are some possible restaurants we have in mind as possible destinations on our drive:

        Allentown: Made in Brazil (Brazilian Steakhouse) solely for the fact that I've never eaten rodizio and their prices seem fair.

        Jim Thorpe: Broadway Grill & Pub or Flow

        Stroudsburg: Studebaker's on 611 based on their extensive menu

        Again, we are basically just looking for a place we can end up with decent food that is approximately 1.5-2 hrs away from Philly that is family friendly and/or fresh/organic as possible.


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          I ate at the Broadway Bar & Grill over the summer for brunch and it was horrible, I strongly do not recommend. The food did not match what was advertised on the menu, was poorly prepared, and service was awful. We had Flow for dinner that same trip and it was fantastic.

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            i'll cross off BBG off the list, and list Flow as the desired place to eat if we end up in Jim Thorpe. On the PA boards, Fegley's Brew Works (Allentown and Bethlehem) sounds decent too (similar to Iron Hill I'm assuming). Any one ever been?

            1. re: paychecktoday

              I've been to Bethlehem Brew Works, which I guess is now one location of Fegley's, it's pretty similar to Iron Hill, I was only there once but liked the beers. I only tried one dish, the bavarian pretzel app, it was pretty good.

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          I had the cod tacos which were good albiet not traditional baja, the grilled cheese was good as were the fries. The bacon mac and cheese was a little meh but the only thing that didnt meet expectations. There was a soup we really liked too but I cant remember what it was. Good cocktails too!

      2. I don't have much to add to the food portion of this discussion. I just wanted to warn you that the first three weekends in Jim Thorpe are "Fall Foliage" weekends and it is mobbed! We were there on a Thursday/Friday (Oct 4th and 5th). The crowds were already arriving Friday, by which I mean as we departed town Friday afternoon, there was a long line of traffic headed into town. Apparently, every hotel in the area is booked solid months in advance (hence our Thursday night stay). The bartender told us her usual 7 minute commute from Lehighton takes 45 mins on those weekends and people drive into Lehighton to take the train to Jim Thorpe as there is limited parking in the town. Judging from what we saw and heard, you may be better off steering somewhere else this Sunday and leave Flow for another weekend.

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          I obviously did not get the message in time and was stuck in traffic for like a half hour trying to get into Jim Thorpe!!! I didn't even make it into town and ended up turning around and had to re-route my whole day to go somewhere else due to crying kids and a stressed out wife, haha. We ended up leaving the area and going towards Lancaster (99 mile drive) to go to Dutch Wonderland for their Halloween event going on that day. Ended up at J.B. Dawson's out in Lancaster and overall salvaged the day.

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            Oh well . . . hopefully the foliage was pleasant.

            1. re: gaffk

              Foliage was amazing, very fun drive indeed. I'll be sure to try out Flow next time when we get a chance.