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Oct 19, 2012 08:46 AM

Best Wings and Pizza Combo in Montgomery County, Pa

I'm looking for a good takeout place in Montgomery County, Pa that has great wings and pizza...any suggestions??

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  1. First place that comes to mind for me is Goomba’s because I love their wings… their pizza is pretty good… I’ve heard raves about it, maybe I had it on an off night but not my favorite pizza in the area…

    Montco is a pretty big area… can you narrow it down?

    1. Bit unorthodox, but how about the wings at capones, and a red top from charlies across the street.

      1. Agree with other posters that you might have to hit two places. Agree about Capone's wings and also Goomba's but oh my gosh was that apathetic teenage girl behind the counter at Goomba's off putting. I know I know teenage and apathy go together. At least the delivery guy at Goomba's was friendly and incredibly helpful.
        Best wings in my opinion are at Soho two in bluebell. They are the mozart of wings. When you bite into one you will hear angels sing. As for pizza, I used to live in Trenton so I go to Bova and buy their amazing frozen dough, smoked mozzerella etc and assemble my own. I left a little frozen ball of dough from Bova in my freezer for a year and when I made it up it was still the best pizza to be had in these parts.

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          I agree with Charlie's Pizza and have put away my share of wings at Capones.

          I have been meaning to try Soho2 in Blue Bell.

          1. re: Adenn1

            Don't do it Adenn! It will ruin you for other wings. I always call ahead and get mine to go. If you don't heed my warning and get them to go, remind them if they forget to give you the side of radishes with your wings.