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ISO Women in the Kitchen

Every time I look at Toronto Life's Dish column, it's always promoting some dude with a beard, and it's generally rare to see women chefs being featured in the media. Off the top of my head, I can think of five restaurants in Toronto where the kitchens are headed by women:

Ruby Watchco
Frank at AGO
Delux on Ossington
Mildred's Temple Kitchen

I'm not saying that gender has anything to do with cooking skill. But let's say I wanted to support the underdog - which places am I missing?

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  1. You just missed 'Eat To The Beat' - which is their premier showcase

    Click on the 'chefs' tab.

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      I don't recall her name but Pastis has a female at the helm :)

    2. I'd take a look at http://www.eattothebeat.ca/ and see if you can pick off more - not all of them run their kitchens, but it's a good place to start

      Khao San Road's the only one that immediately comes to mind and not on your list.

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        Tsk, can't believe I forgot KSR.

        Thanks both for your responses, that list is a start.

                  1. Looks like Toca at the Ritz-Carlton is now helmed by a woman, Gihen Zitouni:

                    I don't enjoy eating in hotels but I may make an exception for this, especially given the chef's Tunisian background.

                    1. Hart House Grill - Suzanne Baby. http://harthouse.ca/gallery-grill/
                      It's only open at lunch, and for brunch on weekends, but the food is excellent, and the setting is lovely. Located in the downtown U. of T. campus.

                      Also Jean (Seow?) at Jean's Vegetarian, 1262 Danforth near Greenwood. It's Malalysian and Thai.
                      Tasty food in a casual, homey place.

                      Good question!

                      1. Sasi at Mengrai Thai.

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                              Looks interesting. But perhaps my rapidly ageing brain has lost the skill of reading comprehension, because I don't see any references in the linked article to when or if this is actually taking place?

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                                "prices and tickets TBA… Dinner is set to happen late September…"

                                Huh, that is strange actually. Considering it's almost November now..