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Oct 19, 2012 08:29 AM

Which Han Dynasty?

Thinking of heading there soon with some friends who haven't been. Just about any location is accessible, so I'm not sure which to go to. I've only been to the Old City location, which I love. I know about the drinks at the UC location. Anyone been to Manayunk? Any big differences between the locations?

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  1. Try to avoid Mondays or Tuesdays. For most Chinese restaurants, these are the days when #1 cook in the kitchen is off.

    The differences of the various locations are on 2 things: who is cooking in the kitching and who is managing the business. The cooks are anonymous to the consumers but kept from leaving too quickly by higher-than-going rate wages; the managers are mosly family members: last I heard, currently Han at Manayunk, girlfriend at Old City, sister at UC, parents at Royersford and an outsider-manager at Exton, aunt split to open Pin Wei at KOP. Thus the best approach might be to stick with a manager you personally like the best and try to get to know who is cooking.

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      Unless there's been turnover at UC, the two managers I've met were not Han's relatives. This could have changed over the last month, but both the starting manager and his replacement were restaurant vets.

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        I've eaten once at Old City and several times in Manayunk. Enjoyed all the meals, and they seemed geerally consistent.

        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          I'd say the same about UC. After speaking to Han, it seems to me that the inconsistency usually occurs during the transition from the initial vet chefs who are the first on the scene to the new chefs who eventually will run the kitchens. After a few months, the bumps smooth out.


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            And now you can add Cherry Hill as the next part of the Han Dynasty... Opening day is tomorrow.


    2. I'd have to say our local Han Dynasty has been quite mis-managed as of late. Since June I have had two separate instances of forgotten dishes in take out only to have to return to pick up food. Recently after a forgotten dish I entered the restaurant to find a cacophony of people waiting for food and tables without anyone manager directing traffic or delegating. That being said I think we are done with them. Upsetting because their food is much better than anything in the area. So Exton Han Dynasty be ware!

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        I went to the Royersford location in late October and found it to be wonderful. Granted it was not very busy for a Friday night, I found the food and service to be stellar and every bit on-par with the Old City location.

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          fyi...Han Dynasty now has a location open in Cherry Hill,NJ in the Saw Mill Plaza on Route 70W. The Inquirer mentioned it is a BYOB.

      2. Been to Old City and UC and loved both! Food was equally delicious and service friendly and helpful at both locations.