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Oct 19, 2012 08:24 AM

SIR Restaurant gift card

Hi Chowhounders,

We have been given a gift card for use at one of the restaurants in the SIR Corp group. These include:

- Jack Astor's
- Canyon Creek Chophouse
- Alice Fazooli's
- Reds
- Far Niente
- The Loose Moose

We want to use the gift card tonight (yes, I should have asked your advice earlier) and are unsure which will be least disappointing and best value. What do you think?

We would either go to one of the restaurants downtown (Reds, Far Niente, Loose Moose or Jack Astor's) or out to the Sherway Gardens area (Canyon Creek).

I've been to Alice Fazooli's once, years ago, and had a horrible service experience as well as mediocre food so, unless you say it has changed dramatically, we won't go there. We haven't eaten at any of the others so don't know how to choose.

I see that Reds is now Reds Wine Tavern and Ryan Gallagher (was on Canada's Top Chef) is Executive Chef. But I can't find any recent reviews.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I went to Reds before the reno (a few years back) for a 'licious meal and it was pretty good. A friend enjoyed her seperate meal too. I would consider that one (although, not sure the impact the new renos/chef have had on things). I also went to Far Niente about 2 years ago and I just found it kind of "blah". Wasn't anything special.

    A friend always tells me how great Canyon Creek is but I am not sure how good it really is. I thought they had a location on Front street, I guess they closed that one down?

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      Thanks for the input. I'm tending towards Reds so far but not based on any good info so your review helps.

      I just looked and you are right, there is a Canyon Creek on Front near Simcoe. Right next door to the Loose Moose, it seems. Of those, Canyon Creek looks better than the Loose Moose where you can "Eat like a King... then party like a Rock Star" according to their website, along with pics of a burger and 3 hot, young female servers.

    2. Red's is the nicest (least casual) one of the lot. I'd had one group meal there some time back, but that was good. Sorry that I don't have anything more current than that!

      1. I've been to all of these except The Loose Moose at one time or another, though it's been a lot of years since I was at Alice Fazooli's or Jack Astor's, and the others were mainly for Licious events. I'd say Reds is the clear winner, though Far Niente and Four are both fine, as well.

        1. I was at Red's yesterday for lunch and the reno has considerably lightened up the main floor and brought it up to date. I had a crab cake salad and my companion had the salmon special - both were well received and as described on the menu. Service was pleasant and efficient. I was not really taken with the place prior to the reno but post-reno I will likely visit more often.