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Oct 19, 2012 08:20 AM

Bolete a bit incomplete!

Close enough to stop by for an early dinner Wednesday. A popular place for sure as it was busy quite early both at the bar and at tables in the tavern. A very welcoming Autumn venue is this old stone structure dressed with the oranges and yellows of pumpkins, gourds and mums. As we love the place and the people thus we are always willing to go again and pay the price. However on this visit and our last we found very common items seem to challenge whom ever was in the kitchen. My $16 burger was way over cook and look sadly small and burnt on the bun. After waiting 1hr. 20 minutes for simple dinner I was not about to ask for another or complain. My wife's selection of autumn veggies minus the pork belly was just ok and quite overpriced at $22. My $11 butternut squash soup was excellent, all 5 spoonfuls of it. We will stop again because we have had lovely meals there and it is on a route traveled , although infrequently. And it is the only game in town that we know of with this potential for an outstanding meal however elusive.

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  1. That is sad to hear because it was great the couple times we have been there in the past. Although, lately we have been going to Cosmopolitan in Allentown. Not quite as inventive cuisine or as casual and cozy as Bolete but we have had some great meals. We also like the Glasbern Inn and the Savory Grille which are great farm to table and a little more reasonably priced. There is also a new French Bistro, Maxim's 22, in Easton we are looking to try.

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      As you can tell we also are vexed by our recent visit to Bolete. Thanks for the others mentioned as I do think next time we will skip Bolete and try one of those you have suggested.

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        I really hope you give Savory Grille a try - it is my favorite restaurant in the area. I don't get there as often as I like, but every time I am amazed with the food. The portions are also a nice size - especially for the entrees.

      2. These are comments my husband made about our recent dinner at Bolete. Mostly positive but he found the $44 "ribeye" disappointing.

        My wife and I returned to Bolete after too long an absence to celebrate our anniversary. Normally Philly city diners, we decided to return to Bolete to enjoy some fine dining in a country atmosphere. From the moment we arrived, the wonderful Bolete staff started us on our greatly-anticipated dining adventure by ushering us to the most private two-top available. The service throughout the meal was nothing short of excellent. The menu offered many tempting choices making if difficult to choose, but choose we did. The most delicious rolls accompanied our appetizers of soup for my wife and salad for me. For our entrees, my wife opted for the fish special while I zoomed in on the ribeye steak offering. Both dishes were cooked to perfection. My steak arrived as two large, medium rare (as requested) pieces of steak resting on top of a mountain of supporting vegetables that included spinach, creamy potatoes, peas and asparagus - a real carnivore's delight. But while the steak was cooked perfectly, I was a little disappointed with the tenderness of the steak itself. From the knife cutting to the chewing, I found that the texture of the beef was more like a top sirloin steak rather than the classic boneless ribeye I've been accustomed to eating at other fine restaurants. I expected more for such a pricey entree. But this minor disappointment will not prevent us from returning this summer for another really enjoyable dining experience at Bolete.