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Oct 19, 2012 07:54 AM

Your favorite pan for meatloaf

What is your favorite baking pan for meatloaf. I have always used some kind of loaf pan with my cast iron being my favorite. But, loaf pans are hard to get the meat loaf out of, without tearing it up. Especially if it sticks. I see the chefs on TV form a loaf and just put it on a baking sheet or in a baking dish. I have never really thought of that, but would definately be easier to get it out of while leaving the grease behind.

So what do you all like to use? Metal, ceramic, glass, enameled cast iron......

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  1. While we typically use a loaf pan, a broiler pan is good for avoiding th fat. All the fat drips through the holes to the bottom.

    1. Hi, dixiegal:

      For small loaves, I like the LC pate terrine.


      1. We usually use a square pyrex pan. If I'm making a larger meatloaf then I use a ceramic dish I have that holds more.

        1. I form it in a baking pan that leaves at least at inch or so on each side. A loaf pan holds in the fat, which I want to have drain off during the cooking process.

          1. When we make our annual meat loaf it's in a pan kinda sorta like one of these.....A two piece one.....