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Oct 19, 2012 07:49 AM

How to procure fresh Uni and not-overpriced Lobster?

Fellow Chowhounders,

Any idea how one gets their hands on fresh uni, either in trays or in-the-shell, as well as lobster? I would happily order for delivery, drive somewhere to pick it up, or special order, but I can't pay an arm and a leg...

Obviously, every sushi joint in the city has a simple hook-up for uni, and with everything I've heard about abundant lobster harvests and cheap wholesale prices, I'm shocked at how hard it is to find decently priced lobsters for home cooking.


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  1. Best I've seen lobster wise was 5.99-6.99 a pound but that was a few months ago. What is an arm and a leg in your opinion? This was at local grocery stores.

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    1. re: melpy

      Arm and a leg: $12.99 and up per pound at Whole Foods, etc. I would HAPPILY pay $6.99/lb for a live lobster. I live downtown in DC and can't find anything even close to that price.

      1. re: nmr2002

        You have to get out of DC.

        Wegmans usually has a good price on lobster. $6-$7 a pound aqnd they move a fair amount of it.

        It has been a while since I have paid attention but I am pretty sure that I have seen Uni at the Super HMart in Falls church. I don't know if it is a regulary item or not, but that would be the first place I checked.

        1. re: nmr2002

          H Mart has live lobster on sale THIS weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) for $5.99 per pound.

          1. re: comestibles

            But you have to get there early, it usually sells out quickly - Or at least on the days that I go there!

      2. GrandMart on Little River Turnpike has lobster for $4.99/lb on weekends.

        1. Reviving this thread - Anyone know any Uni options other than H Mart?

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          1. re: tommyskitchen

            Catalina Offshore sells good quality uni by the tray. If you dont happen to be in San Diego they have been selling it by mail for years.

          2. i would also love to find a source for uni -- particularly maine uni, versus the San Diego uni sold by Catalina OP.

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              1. re: tommyskitchen

                yes, thank you -- i contacted them, but they don't really do shipping to home-customers. they would, but it's exorbitantly expensive as they are mostly set up to do larger scale orders/wholesale.

                they didn't say exactly what the shipping would be, but i think it was suggested it would be around $60 (and i was only planning on placing a $30 order).

                thank you though!