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Oct 19, 2012 07:47 AM

Must I Freeze My Shepherd's Pie?

Yeah, I know, I know, again with the shepherd's pie - what can I say, it's my son's favorite!

Made in on Sunday. Intended to bake it Tuesday. That didn't happen. Still in the back of the fridge where it's particularly cold. I intend to bake it next week on Wednesday - I'm guessing I should freeze it now and thaw Tuesday before??

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  1. Mashed potatoes don't freeze well. Does yours have that?

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    1. re: melpy

      Freezing sounds like you only option,

      But as melpy states, mashed potatoes do not freeze well unless you freeze them alone, reheat and re-whip. Freezing tends to cause them to go watery and leech moisture until they are warmed back up and re-whiped back with the leeched moisture.

      Then they are all good.

      1. re: melpy

        The last time I froze it, it came out fine - the potatoes didn't leach or anything.

      2. to be nosy, why wait till next wednesday to cook it? why not sooner?

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        1. re: alkapal

          Not nosy! I have shared custody of my son and am trying to meal plan for the nights that I have him, and plan the leftovers for lunch. I guess I could bake it tomorrow night for dinner and then freeze the leftovers......

          1. re: CurlieGlamourGirlie

            Much better Idea.
            The cooking will kill any thing nasty, that would easily grow during the freezing, thawing and heating.
            You would be fine to just bake it and then freeze it. Then next week bake from frozen and have for dinner and, then you have the leftovers for the next day.

        2. Never had a problem freezing shepherd's pie or other potato topped pies (cottage pie and fish pie)

          1. Personally, I don't like the texture of frozen mashed potatoes once cooked (or thawed & cooked). If it were me, I'd just cook the shepherd's pie now but that's jmo

            1. Frozen mash isn't perfect but I wouldn't worry much about it. It helps to add some pool of butter and bake with a cover.