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A Small, Saucy La Posada Gripe

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I love La Posada in Arlington Heights, but I found this peculiar. Calling for takeout on a recent weeknight, I ordered the enchilada platter for Mr. Swank. It comes with mole sauce, but they also make a very lovely tomato sauce. I asked for both sauces. The woman answering the phone said, "We can't do that. We're too busy." Now: How hard is it to dump an extra sauce on top of enchiladas? This makes me worry that their food is pre-made and then re-warmed. Further compounding the mystery, when Mr. Swank went to fetch the food, he reported that the place wasn't especially busy at all. While my gripe pales in comparison to some of the world's woes, it gave me pause.

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  1. i have not tried this restaurant, but if they can prepare it ahead of timet and it is delicious; all the better.