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Oct 19, 2012 06:29 AM

Costello's, J.P.?

Anyone know anything about this place? Need to check out a band. Should we eat there or somewhere else before music?
Hope We Enjoy,

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  1. I like it, but don't love it. Very good burgers and excellent chili cheese fries, though sometimes the burgers are underseasoned. And the waitstaff ranges from friendly to distracted. But I love the atmosphere--looks a bit like the old Nick's Beef and Beer House in Cambridge.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Thanks. May try a burger there.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Nick's Beef and Beer ruled!!!! home of the 3$ pitcher!!!! Cokeheads snorting lines in the bathroom (asking if he could borrow one of my dollars to aid in his sniffing!) the EXACT same menu as Charlie's Kitchen (I guess they used to be partners). Crazy place from my mispent youth

        1. re: devilham

          Nick's was called Charlie's Beef and Beer before it was Nick's. Never tried the coke but the pork chops were a standard for me. RE OP, Costellos is fine for what it is. Burger/sandwich is good as reasonable value.

          1. re: gourmaniac

            Yep, I was told they used to be partners (Nick and Charlie), I never tried the coke either, I was in my twenties and there for ther super cheep beer

      2. I have left a lot of brain cells at Costellos. If it's a meh burger you're after then it's fine (as is the Galway across the street).

        But JP boasts a boatload of better dining options that are still close by.

        Vee Vee, JP Seafood, Ten tables, even james gate, Canary whatever or Oriental de Cuba

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          Or Grass-Fed, which despite some mixed reviews has produced some of the better burgers that I've had in Boston, and very good fries to boot.

        2. Costello's used to have one of the best all-around burgers in the city, a very reasonable price, i.e. $8 bucks-ish. Now there are lots of other contenders (tho' i like the concept of Grass Fed i found their burger fairly flavorless). Anyway, I still think you can't go wrong with classic pub food at Costello's. The burgers are still good, the hand cut fries excellent; and sandwiches/wings/assorted apps are all good choices. I like it there.

          1. Thank All, for your comments. I'll let my wife make the choice if she decides to come along. Otherwise, I may settle for some wings and a brew at Costello's


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            1. re: CocoDan

              I liked their wings. Standard issue but sometimes that's all you need. Avoid the wine.

              1. re: yumyum

                Solid wings, my favorite in JP.

            2. I always thought that Galway House was better when I lived in JP. Jame's Gate is decent too.

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              1. re: carneyvore

                Both have their charms, but I prefer watching games at Galway House (much better beer selection, and a great, unique atmosphere). That said, I have found the food there consistently miserable. I think Costello's is the place if you're looking for wings/burgers and a Bud, whereas Galway House is a better choice if you're just drinking.

                1. re: celeriac

                  Galway House's food is disgusting. Their burgers are actually hockey pucks. Not metaphorically.