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Oct 19, 2012 01:00 AM

newcomer seeking advice

Thanks Vanhounds for your contributions. The board has been very helpful these past few months for getting a gastronomic handle on my new home. Just wanted to throw some questions out there to see if the hive mind could help direct me to the right places. Just a note that I'm located around Commercial and rarely find myself making deep treks.

Where is a good place to get jerk marinade sauce? Not so many Caribbean grocers around and jerk-can chicken is fun to make with a can of ginger beer. Just wanted to note that the homemade jam patties at riddim&spice on commercial are wicked as are the papusas and fish tacos at Rinconcito.

Only been to Haiphong and Thai son (rip) for Viet. Neither has this sate noodle dish that I'm craving. It's served in a thick gravy stock of crushed peanuts, grilled and diced lemongrass and minced dried shrimp usually with ride noodle called hu tieu sate.

Any Sri Lankan recs? Hakka place? Chui chow place?

Curry beef brisket noodle soup (resembling Kau Kee in HK). Unavail at Congee Noodle House and too weak at Mui garden.

Only tip I have is the new Shanghai place downtown was really good :
And don't bother with the foie poutine at Wildebeest.

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  1. For the jerk marinade there's a Caribbean place on 12th Ave in New West that I've been to meaning to stop @ (also a Trinidadian restaurant next door).

    1. Re: Sri Lankan .... there are these three, the latter two are about 1 block from each other:

      There's also a Sri Lankan vendor in the food court of the TInseltown Cinemas/Mall in Chinatown, but I wouldn't bother with them.

      For South Indian (not Sri Lankan per se) there's Saravanaa Bhavan on Broadway @ Oak, which is vegetarian/vegan. Very good dosas IMO, and their buffets are terrific value:

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        Someone must have not had their coffee yet-the food vendor @ Tinseltown is none other than the operation linked to in the first URL

        A delightful little place run by the dearest people tasty food and very reasonably priced.

      2. I ate at Taste Of Ceylon. Service was slow, the place is hole in the wall but I enjoyed the food. Husband and wife run. I have no qualms recommending it but have don't expect fast service.

        1. There is Top Chiu Chow in Richmond on Capstan. I've been a few times and it's not bad. There might be one or two other Chiu Chow-specific places that don't immediately come to mind, but otherwise you're stuck more with "dai lang" evening items at other non-Chiu Chow specific places.