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Oct 18, 2012 09:12 PM

Anything new on the Big Island (Kona-side)?

Just got here for two weeks of heaven! Heard there is a new Marriot (Where the King Kam used to be) with pretty good food. Anything else new in the past six months to try out? Mahalo

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  1. Just arrived ourselves. Tried breakfast at Kawaihae harbor restaurants ..... None are open for breakfast, Inspite of the "open" signs.

    Tried Rainbow Cafe near the airport - nothing special, or maybe a bit less. Will not return.

    1. Try Mahi's in Kailua Palani near the Hilo Hatties. They serve great Fish & chips and killer onion rings.

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      1. re: easily amused

        Had great onion rings tonight at Huggo's On the Rocks. Will try Mahi's.
        Had great thai at Krua the other evening....and wonderful gracious service.
        Best surprise so far, Mi's Italian Bistro near Captain Cook. Killer ravioli and veal picata...with great home-made bread.Chef Morgan knows what he is doing!
        Big Island Grill strong as always for lunch.

      2. Very happy with the catch ofthe day sandwich at the Harbor House, just south of the airport.

        The POP pizza at HWV was unexpectedly good. (peppers, onions & Portugese sausage)

        1. Pnutbuddah, any great meals/activities to report?

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            Kristen, Haven't been on this board for a while and just saw your post. Thx for asking!
            Haven't been since last year. WIll be there in a couple of weeks.
            Would appreciate any recent Kona-side updateds from any Hounds out there.