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Oct 18, 2012 07:13 PM

Coupla reviews: The Pines (Awesome!), R&D 606, Ganso

The Pines
Great restaurant! Plan to go back plenty.
Delicious food, great value, nice servers, plenty of atmosphere that works. Menu is interesting, highlights unusual items that turn out great (cherry husk? delish). Pretty plating is an unexpected bonus (looks kind of like the style of plating at Corton). Backyard space looks nice too (cold & rainy when I went). Neighborhood feels totally remote but is actually only an avenue away from Park Slope.

We had jicama and the headcheese (delish) to start. Had geoduck, pork shoulder (could not be cooked more perfectly, slow roast 24 hours or something), and the apple dish. All great, interesting, wondering what they did it or how they did it.

We spent $50 pp before tax & tip; cannot beat that; in NYC $80 pp for crap is normal. If you are seeking a good meal somewhere in Brooklyn, this is a top contender. I guess the chef was the chef at Masten Lake, which I understand people liked and I meant to go but never did.

Wife likens it to Isa when it first opened. I think the food is much better here.
Perfect place for a date. Worth a trip from Manhattan.

R&D 606
Very nice restaurant. Food, service, atmosphere all pretty nice. But I'm too caught up with The Pines to write more.

I need this place to succeed (I love ramen). Have Salat's cookbook, wife and I were excited to try. Overall, ok. Really hope they can tweak it up. Japanese fried chicken was great. Gyoza ok, maybe a bit too meaty and so not guite cooked and hot. Spicy miso ramen: noodles nice and toothsome, broth kind of not so tasty. Still rec people go and try. I plan to go and try more of the dishes.

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  1. OP here.
    I did some reading on The Pines and Masten Lake. Its next door to Littleneck, whose owners opened The Pines. Chef Angelo worked at Lupa and Roberta's before Masten. Some / much of the menu is brought over from Masten.
    There were complaints about service at Masten Lake and are at Littleneck. I've never been to either but I'll take the comments at face value. When I went to the Pines, the service was very nice & good.
    Dear owners & staff of The Pines: You guys could make The Pines a real, durable winner and let the chef do his thing. Please execute and get the job done on things like service (which as I said was already very good on my first try).