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Oct 18, 2012 06:27 PM

Need make-ahead or super-fast gluten-free breakfast idea

Next weekend I'm having a house full of company for two nights. I'm trying to do as much as possible ahead of time. All of the make-ahead breakfast idea I know have gluten, and one of my guests can't eat it. She also avoids dairy, although she can eat it if she takes Lactaid ahead of time. I also have a vegetarian, and everyone in the group is a healthy eater. Any ideas for something I can do ahead or, alternatively, something I can throw together really quickly in the morning? Thanks!

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  1. Use gluten-free oats for an overnight oat parfait with banana ice cream, or some other impressive yet easy parfait.

    This is also a great breakfast option. I prefer the cold leftovers anyhow.

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      That parfait recipe sounds fabulous! I've already got some bananas in the freezer to try the soft-serve. Can I get chia seeds at Whole Foods?

    2. soak chia seeds in milk or almond/coconut milk and top with fruit. Soak it the night before and it becomes tapioca pudding like in texture. 2 tablespoons to a cup of liquid.

      1. Put fresh popcorn (not the microwave pre-salted/buttered kind, just regular popcorn) in a bowl, sprinkle with Splenda (or sugar if you prefer) and add a splash of Silk soy milk or other lactose free milk substitute (coconut milk) for you gluten free guest.
        Vegetarians can fend for themselves with the regular stuff .....

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        1. re: todao

          I don't understand this. Are you suggesting taking popped popcorn, adding liquid to it, and serving it for breakfast?

          1. re: jvanderh

            that one had me scratching my head too.

              1. re: jvanderh

                ha! you know, i just Googled "popcorn cereal," and apparently todao's suggestion is a real thing. it's bizarre to me, but hey, different strokes...

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Huh, yeah, according to Snopes, it featured in one of the Little House books and on Good Eats. Whoda thunk it?

                  1. re: jvanderh

                    i read all the Little House books as a kid, and i don't remember that - just the maple snow candy :)

                    anyway, apologies to Todao for the doubt!

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                      In Farmer Boy, there's a scene where Almanzo and his family are siting around in the equivalent of the living room one evening, each doing a different activity (Royal is carving a chain from a stick of pine, Alice is reading something out loud, somebody's knitting, etc.) Anyway, Almanzo takes a full cup of popcorn, and a full-to-the-brim cup of milk, and adds the popcorn, kernel by kernel, to the milk, marveling over how the milk doesn't spill over.

                      The appeal of this has always escaped me.

        2. Granola with non-dairy milk of your choice and fresh fruit.
          Heuvos ranchero on corn tortilla -- beans, salsa can be made ahead
          Cup4Cup ($$ GF flour available at Williams-Sonoma) substitutes easily and tastily in baked goods.

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            Sorry -- I forgot Cup4Cup has dried milk powder in it, so not appropriate for this use

            1. re: maxie

              Not all oats are gluten-free. Must be labelled as such. So off-the-shelf granola is likely not ok.

            2. Omelet bar? You can turn out a mess of them in just a few minutes. Possibly get a carton of Egg Beaters for folks who want to eat healthier. Watch Julia Child do them on YouTube, it's a snap.