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Oct 18, 2012 06:10 PM

Thanksgiving Turkey near Flat Rock, NC

Unexpectedly, this Northerner will spend Thanksgiving in Flat Rock. Where can I buy a turkey that is not Butterball. I am willing to order one. It can be a heritage-breed but doesn't have to be, just not supermarket turkey.

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    1. The Chop Shop in Asheville.

      From their FB page just today: It's Turkey Time!! Be sure to stop in to place your order for pasture-raised, all-natural, fresh turkey for Thanksgiving! We are also taking orders for your other holiday dishes. Don't wait, because they will go fast!

      Also The Fresh Market in Hendersonville will probably be a good choice and certainly closer for you.

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      1. re: Leepa

        I was going to recommend Fresh Market as well. My mom (who lives in Flat Rock) gets hers there every year and they are really good. They went through a short phase of selling frozen ones which weren't as good, but I think they abandoned that a couple of years ago and went back to fresh. Ask first. The other two suggestions are excellent as well (and possibly better birds), but if you want to shop closer, Fresh Market is a great choice.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Chop Shop if you don't mind coming into Asheville - great place!

      2. You might want to check with City Market ~ they're on Hwy 25 just north of downtown Hendersonville. Their produce is excellent and they carry some local meats/cheeses as well as wine. They might be taking orders for heritage turkeys.

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        1. re: NANCY

          How long has that been open? Wow, thanks for the tip... i thought fresh market and that hippie-ish coop were my only food shopping choices in H'ville. yay!

          1. re: danna

            I am excited now, instead of feeling nervous. Thanks for the options!

            1. re: ElizaJane

              I think you can still order a Bell & Evans bird from The Fresh Market. Served at The White House, doncha know...

        2. ElizaJane,
          If you haven't decided on a turkey yet, this might help.....