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Oct 18, 2012 05:38 PM

Anyone on the Dukan Diet?

Enormous success with this diet - have lost 26lb since June 8 and Mme Zoe has lost 30lb and is just about down to her Army nurse weight when she was in Viet Nam running around 23 hours a day.

Bought the book, then bought the receipe book - rest is easy because there are so MANY workable and tasty dishes plus sauces and desserts.

I opted not to sign up for the coaching because I didn't find this diet difficult to stick to in any way.

Would like to know whether any other hounds are "Duking it".

PS tried every other diet over the last twenty years and this is the only one that gave results.

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  1. you should probably post this on the "special diets" board

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    1. Hi Zoe
      I did Dukan April - August this year, and only stopped when diagnosed with cancer (not connected to the diet!).
      I lost about 30lb and found it very easy, even as a non meat eater (I do eat fish). On the other hand I don't have a sweet tooth, and did not miss sugar at all. I originally started the diet in an attempt to control IBS, which it did very well.
      Now I am about halfway through my chemo and my weight has started to creep back up - no doubt due to the cheese I have been treating myself to! So I'm sort of going back on Dukan, but with veg every day and some complex carbs as chemo means I need to eat high fibre.

      Having followed Dukan then falling off the straight and narrow - I think the alternating veg/protein thing is a complete dietary red herring, and is designed purely to give a ritualised means of focussing on what you are eating. If all you are eating is low fat protein and low carb veg, and if protein is to make up at least half the bulk of your food - then weight loss is inevitable.

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      1. re: Peg

        Hi Peg:
        Cheering you alone in your chemo treatments - Mme Zoe, my partner went through that in 2008 and is fully recovered and since she is at her goal weight of 140, is now on the final phase.
        Agree with the IBS control and find the biscuits a big help - faintly addictive too:)
        Disappointed that lamb is excluded, also duck, both my favorites. Lost another pound this morning.