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Oct 18, 2012 05:17 PM

Dinner at JW Marriott Desert Ridge

I will be at JW Marriott Desert Ridge for a conference, and eight of us need a place for a sort-of-working dinner. We've been working together remotely for several months and it's a rare chance to get together, so we may feel festive, but we do need to do some planning and thus need to be able to hear each other. Do you have any feedback on the restaurants at the resort—Roy's (I've been elsewhere), Tuscany, Blue Sage (seems maybe too casual—we deserve something a bit nice!), Meritage?

Or is there a good place within walking distance? I know "walking distance" might not be a real thing in Phoenix....

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  1. There's not a whole lot in walking distance. Roy's is OK, wouldn't be my first choice for a night out- haven't been to any of the other restaurants on property.

    1. I actually really enjoyed Roy's the one time I went. It was well prepared seafood, fresh, good flavors. The patio's pretty nice too the right time of the year, you definitely could do worse at a resort. But I agree with cactuschowdah that it's not necessarily a destination spot.

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        1. I recommend Roy's. We have dined at most in Hawai`i, and several on the Mainland (different corporations, but with similarities), and the Desert Ridge location is right behind Pebble Beach for the Mainland, and actually above most of the Hawai`i locations, though we have not done the new Waikiki location yet - hear that it might be the best of all?