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Oct 18, 2012 04:14 PM

Best burger, pizza, and craft beer in Eagle River area? [Beaver Creek, Colorado]

Hello Hounds! First time poster, long time lurker. My husband and I are going to Beaver Creak for four nights in February. We'll have a car. From my research on this board, there are several great high end places in this area that serve excellent plated food and desserts (e.g., Splendido, Grouse Mountain Grill). While we would typically be thrilled with this type of dining, when we ski, there's nothing more that we look forward to in the evening than a great burger or a satisfying pizza pie, and of course, some good beer. We love food and really appreciate high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients, so we're not looking for a pizza hut or burger king equivalent. Any places that you know of that would fit this bill? Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. While I don't believe they serve beer Larkburger in Edwards (about 5 minutes down valley from Beaver Creek) has fantastic burgers and truffle fries. I hear their milkshakes are awesome but I haven't tried them.

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      They do have a few bottled beers, and the burgers were great. If skiing in Vail, you can always get a larkburger at Larkspur in Golden Peak. The creator of Lakburger.

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        I love apr├Ęs ski at Larkspur, but find it REALLY annoying that they completely nickel and dime you with the "extras." I think it was something like $2 for cheese and $3 for bacon and $1 per anchovy on a salad. I guess I get it for happy hour when prices are low and profit margins are smaller, but to do it in the dining room where things aren't cheap seems crazy to me.

    2. Agree with RobynS about Larkburger having good burgers. I don't think they serve beer, either. Right around the corner is Gore Range Brewery. I think they only serve their own house made beer. Food is just OK.

      1. Are you staying in Beaver Creek Village and will you have a vehicle? Having a car would make Vail and Edwards accessible. Taking the Eagle County bus at night in the winter is not fun.

        And DD, since the new owner of Gore Range took over about a year ago, the food has gotten a lot better. He used to be the chef at Grouse Mountain Grill in the Beav.

        Also, pizza and BBQ are not foods that excel on the Colorado Western Slope. That said, about the best pizza we have to offer is the new Zino's in Edwards. A new local brewery, Crazy Mountain, has a big local following, but their beers are not to my taste. As far as I'm concerned O'Dells 90 Shilling is one of the best beers Colorado has to offer. The Dusty Boot has many good craft beers on tap, but the food is nothing special and the families that frequent it in the winter can get out of hand..

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          Thanks to everyone for responding. Larkburger does looks delicious. Too bad there's no beer. Although Eat! Drink! appears to have a nice selection of craft beer. Maybe we can brown bag it? Or at the very least, eat in our car. (And BlueOx, we will have a car. I figured the flexibility was worth the extra cost. Zino's looks great, so we'll definitely go there.)

          We'll be staying at the Park Hyatt, which appears to be in the village. Any thoughts on Blue Moose Pizza? Or the Old Forge Pizza Co. in Vail?

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            Just checked and Splendido serves a burger at the bar! Anyone had this? Looks really good, and if it's on par with the rest of the food, it should be fantastic right?

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              Haven't had the Splendido burger but it has to be worth a try. Bar/patio menu is fairly new, I think. Have only had pizza from the Old Forge location in Edwards. It's pre-made, take home and bake, like Pappa Murphy's. We like Pappa Murphy's better. (Unfortunately, there is no Pappa Murphy's location in Vail area.) Blue Moose has been in a couple of different locations in Beaver Creek Village. Pizza is usually OK. We like Pazzo's in Avon much

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                I was in Vail yesterday which made me remember Pazzo's and I meant to come back and post. Glad you picked that up ddavis.

                And while not burgers or pizza I remembered Swiss Dog while I was there as well. If you're up for a hot dog, it's got to be the best I've had outside Biker Jim's in Denver.

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                  We recently moved back to the valley and have really enjoyed the pizza at pazzo's in Avon.

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                  Looks like we will have a lot to choose from. Thanks for everyone's input! Here is the list I have compiled so far:

                  Pazzo's in Avon - pizza
                  Zino's in Edwards - pizza
                  Larkburger in Edwards - burger
                  Spendido in Beaver Creek - burger at bar
                  Spago in Beaver Creek - burger at bar (not sure about this one)
                  Gore Range Brewery in Edwards - beer and food

                  And other casual places to check out if we're in the mood:
                  Avon Bakery and Deli - pastries and sandwiches
                  Northside Cafe in Avon - coffee
                  Fiesta's in Edwards - New Mexican
                  Swiss Dog in Avon - hot dogs

                  Any specific recommendations for what to eat or where to eat on the mountain when skiing?

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                    The best deals (not saying good deals) for eating on mountain at BC is soups and chilli. The 2 places I frequent are Mamie's Deck at the top of the Bachelor Gulch lift for grill it yourself burgers and the other is the bar at the Ritz. At the Ritz, the nachos plate can feed 4 and they have good craft beers on tap.

                    Spago is very expensive usually "quiet", not a lot of energy in the place. Cima in the Westin at the bottom of the Mountain does new Latin and has good happy hour deals. Northside is jammed up to 10 am and rightfully so. And I think Agave is better than Fiesta's now, but don't go after 8 pm, they try become a nightclub (nightmare). Mirabelle is the best couples atmosphere place in the Valley with good food and "dial-a-ride" will take you there, more importantly, bring you back after dinner and beverages.

          2. Go to Eat! Drink! Cut! Dish! in Edwards. 4 businesses, owned by a local couple. Cheeses, wines, quality meats to cook at home ,or, dinner out at dish. A must for great wines and cheeses and olives to stock your own apres!

            1. We're back from our Beaver Creek trip. A huge thanks to the posters on this board. We had some really delicious food during our stay. Here's the rundown:

              We had burgers and beer at the bar at Splendido. We started with the french onion soup, which was everything a french onion soup should be: piping hot, sweet, beefy broth, and a cheesy, crispy crouton top. It hit the spot after a long day of travels. The burger was AMAZING. The beef was juicy and full flavored. The bun was soft, but not too bready. And the gruyere was clearly high quality and aged. It was nutty and a little funky and just perfect with the beef. The beer selection was pretty good. The best part about eating at the bar was the (free) cheddar cheese crackers. These things were salty, cheesy, and highly addictive.

              The next day we bought sandwiches at Avon Bakery and Deli. Service was a little slow (we waited almost 20 min for our sandwiches to go), but product was great. Bread had a nice crust and the deli meats and veggies were fresh. The smoked turkey with avo, tomato, cuke, sprouts , and swiss that I ordered tasted like a million bucks after a morning of skiing.

              In the evening, we eat at Pazzo's pizzeria in Avon. What a great place. Service was friendly and efficient (even though the place was really crowded) and our pie came out scaldingly hot, which is how I think all pizzas should be served. We had a sausage, onion, and broccoli pizza that had a nice, crispy crust and tangy sauce. The pizza is not at the same level as the artisinal Neopolitan places that are all the rage these days. But it's damn good, and with a cold glass of beer after a day of skiing, it tastes really, really, damn good. We loved this place so much that we ate here the next night! And ordered the exact same thing. (We weren't feeling particularly adventurous and wanted a home run like the night before, which we got!)

              We had lunch at the grill in front of the Ritz Carlton at the bottom of Bachelor Gulch. It was pricey (no surprise) and just fine (no surprise). We had the roast chicken and the buffalo chili. We checked out Mamies beforehand and it looked good. But we were tuckered out on our fourth day of skiing and grilling our own food just didn't seem appealing. But the food coming off the grills looked pretty good.

              On our last night, we ate at Lark Burger. I really wanted to like this place, but was frankly disappointed. The burger and fries came out luke warm. Also, the burger meat was a little under seasoned. Overall, the burger felt a little cold and limp. It was definitely edible, and much better than any burger we could have gotten at a chain fast food. But it wasn't a great burger. The chocolate milk shake that I ordered however, was fantastic. The perfect consistency and the perfect sweetness.

              Thanks for the advice Chowhounds. We had a great trip because of you guys.