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Oct 18, 2012 04:09 PM

Suggestions for late night near W74th and Broadway?

Hello. We are going to see Crosby Stills and Nash Friday night at the Beacon on W74th and Broadway. Can you please suggest places to eat after the show, about 11pm? We like ALL kinds of cuisine, so suggest away! I appreciate the responses. Thanks.

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  1. Nice Matin is open until midnight.

    1. If you walk quickly after the show, Salumeria Rosi is very close by (2 blocks away) and closes at 11:30pm on Fridays. Amazing porchetta and salami. It's casual, but not super large, so you might end up eating at the bar if you don't have a reservation. They also have some outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

      'Cesca is also nearby and also closes at 11:30pm.

      1. You're 3 blocks south of Big Nick's Burger Joint. Greasy neighborhood favorite. Open all night.