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Oct 18, 2012 03:54 PM

Any new BYOB restaurants or ones with corkage fees?

We are new to the area and would love some recs as we meet friends for dinner in the area encompassing Miami north to Boynton Beach. Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Almost all restaurants allow you to BYOB with a corkage fee, as long as the wine is not on their list...Call ahead and ask. Fees generally range from $20-$30...well worth it if you are bringing a very good bottle. We will often bring a bottle that cost us $50 or so retail. At 2.5X typical mark-up, that bottle would be $125 at the restaurant....more than we generally want to spend.

    1. There's not much to add to gblcsw's observations, but I'd note that it's the higher end restaurants that seem most likely to have a corkage policy, but calling ahead is always a must.

      Wine Spectator magazine publishes an annual list of great wine-restaurants, and specifically describes the corkage policy and price for each restaurant, so that might be a good source for you.

      Bourbon Steak is an example of a great wine-oriented restaurant that has enormous markups on its inventory, making it a particularly great place to bring a good bottle and pay the $25 fee. Last time I brought a $100 bottle that would have sold for $350+ on their list (another requirement of corkage is that the establishment not have the bottle you bring in stock).

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        Bourbon Steak's markups are predominantly in the 2x retail range which by Miami standards is quite reasonable, particularly given the quality of the selections. It is also one of the few places in town where you will find wines with some age on them and not just current releases. There are some suckers' bets on the list, but there are some great relative bargains lurking here and there too.

        Though I've got nothing against taking a good bottle that's not on the list to a good dinner, Bourbon's one of the last places I'd be likely to do it.

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