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Oct 18, 2012 03:05 PM

Frozen elk meat

Good afternoon -
I was given a couple of frozen elk steaks last winter (around January) - I think they were frozen in December '11. Since then they have been staying in my freezer, never been thawed. How long is it safe to keep them for, taste aside?

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  1. As long as they've remained frozen, never thawed, they should be fine. I can't possibly consume all of the wild game that I harvest each year and it's not uncommon for some of it to remain frozen (below zero degrees) for two years or more.
    Not knowing how it was handled, how it was packaged, how they were actually stored (in terms of temperature) makes it impossible to say if your elk steaks good so you'll have to be the judge of that.

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      Thank you! I am assuming they had been handled properly before freezing, since they were a gift from a hunter's family and I know that they took the elk to the butcher to do the job.

      1. re: Marusik

        I just pulled some wild boar/duck sausage from the freezer (it got lost in there somehow) that's slightly over two years old. Cooking it up for dinner.