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Oct 18, 2012 02:49 PM

Best Brooklyn Banquet Restaurant - Good Price

We are tentatively planning to hold my daughter's wedding reception at one of the big Brooklyn ethnic venues - preference family style but not chinese, and it needs to be a good price given the numbers (over 100). We want to bring our own alcohol and it would be a lunchtime-afternoon affair, eating and drinking only (no music or dancing)

We are thinking about Turkish, Russian republics like Georgian primarily - wondering if anyone has arranging a large event at one of these places or any recommendations. We have a diverse group that includes vegetarians and both adventurous and non-adventurous eaters

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  1. I think the best thing for you might be to rent an event space where you can bring your own alcohol and have the event catered. Most restaurants have liquor licenses that prevent guests from bringing their own alcohol. Also, if the event is catered, you will be more likely to stay within your budget.

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      thanks for replying, but the reality is that the price for raw spaces alone run around $5000 in our timeframel ... It seems like Primorski, Tacis Beyti, chinatown places, etc are ore flexible in BYO poiicy. Im really looking for a feel on places that have been good on family style banquets.