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Oct 18, 2012 02:38 PM

ISO inexpensive sliced deli meats and cheese in TO

Hey I have to make 100+ subs for a youth event. So I need a fair quality and amount of sliced meats - ham, baloney,. etc - plus "American Cheese" or similar sliced - at a decent price.

Is there anywhere less expensive than Loblaws to purchase reasonable quantities of such items? are the Italian bakeries cheaper?

Any advice appreciated: can travel North York/Mississauga if necessary but obviously hoping for some tips in central TO.


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    1. re: biggreenmatt

      Biggreen, maybe I am blind and/or stupid, but I don't ever recall seeing inexpensive sliced meats and cheesr at Costco - high end meats, yes, like proscuitto, but none of the routine stuff I mentioned., and certainly no cheap sliced cheese. Are you thinking of a specific Costco where you have recently found these products?

      1. re: Bigtigger

        Now granted, it's been a good six months since I've stepped foot in a Costco, but for years I've seen in those big fridges next to the bacon, piles of stuff like sliced turkey, sliced ham, sliced summer sausage, etc. Same thing with cheeses- nothing high end, of course, maybe just cheese slices. Certainly the prices were decent.

        Maybe you're neither blind nor stupid, and I'm just misremembering. Still, you can imagine how bulk sliced meat and cheese would be right up Costco's alley- give them a call to see if they still (or ever!) carry it.

        1. re: biggreenmatt

          They don't have baloney but there is mortadella. The lower priced sliced meats are ham, and turkey by Kirkland, and ham, chicken, beef,salami, pastrami by Piller, in two separate sections., As well as sliced process cheese at $4/kg, there is 2 kg Kraft Canadian sliced cheese for about $13.
          $80 should provide enough for 100 sandwiches, not including rolls. If you go to a counter for hand slicing somewhere else, it will be more.

    2. Maybe the Brandt Meats factory store in Mississauga?

      European Meats has some inexpensive lunch meats, Starsky, even Highland Farms. Larger European style delis will suit your needs. I think most will carry Brandt products anyway..... Maybe they will cut you a deal for a bulk order, there's no harm in asking.

      For sub buns I'd suggest Toronto Bread, there's another outlet in Scarborough but it's name escapes me.

      IMO, most supermarkets will not offer a cost effective solution.

      1. Walmart sells stuff that is not brand name, way cheaper

        1. Starsky's always has stuff on sale.

          1. I know I've seen cold cuts sold in bulk but they weren't sliced. I would google Toronto meat processing companies (and Silversteins for bread) to see if they will sell in bulk to you... Worth a try. I wonder if the company that supplies Mr. Sub would sell to you.. Doubt it but worth a try. Also check that Red Flag Deals site.... I think they list factory outlet sales as well.... I know they have listings for wholesale grocers. Wish I had a better answer. Let us know what you end up doing.