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Oct 18, 2012 01:22 PM

Fall Scenic driving from Philly-Jim Thorpe?

My family and I plan on doing a early morning fall drive this Sunday (10/21) to look at the changing of the foliage in our great state. We currently do not have a set route, but we are planning to drive up north (from Philly) and most likely towards the Jim Thorpe/Poconos area. We are looking for decent Vietnamese or organic/farm fresh food that is kid friendly.

My wife knows about Flow Restaurant in Jim Thorpe ( as a place she wants to eat at, but it doesn't look too kid friendly. So this gives you guys an idea of what we are looking for.

Any thoughts or ideas of where we should go to eat, and what direction would be the best to go. Again, we do not necessarily need to go north of Philly, just anywhere that would be good for a scenic drive and end up at decent family-friendly food for a early/late lunch. Please no brunches!


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  1. Not quite that far north but a worth destination, Telford PA has Vietnam Cafe. Your route would probably be Turnpike to 309 up to telford Then you could easily cut on over to Quakertown exit of the turnpike. Vietnam cafe is some of the best vietnamese food outside of south philadelphia.

    1. After reviewing the possible areas we may venture into, I may have to scrap the organinc/farm to table and Vietnamese ideas. Here are some possible restaurants we have in mind as possible destinations on our drive:

      Allentown: Made in Brazil (Brazilian Steakhouse) solely for the fact that I've never eaten rodizio and their prices seem fair.

      Jim Thorpe: Broadway Grill & Pub or Flow

      Stroudsburg: Studebaker's on 611 based on their extensive menu

      Again, we are basically just looking for a place we can end up with decent food that is approximately 1.5-2 hrs away from Philly that is family friendly and/or fresh/organic as possible.


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        There are some farm to table restaurants in the Lehigh Valley but they are on the higher end and may not meet your needs depending on the ages of your children. If you are looking for a casual family friendly place that buys as much locally and/or organic then I would suggest the Brew Works in Bethlehem or Allentown.
        If you were just looking for breakfast or lunch I would recommend Jumbar's in Bethlehem. If you come up Route 611 into Easton, along the Delaware River, It is a beautiful drive in the Fall and you could always do the Crayola factory

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          Brew works is exactly something we are looking for. I would prefer more grass-fed beef if possible, but this will work for us. Thanks!!