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Oct 18, 2012 12:55 PM

ISO: Cheese Curds

Hi all,

I have a craving for poutine (fries + gravy + cheese curds) and figured I would just make it myself. Any idea where to find Cheese Curds in Chicago/Evanston?

I imagine they must be available somewhere since cheese curds seem to be popular in Wisconsin...



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  1. If you will be downtown, the cheese vendor at the Farmers Market in Daley plaza usually has cheese curds. I know Gene's Sausage Shop on Lincoln Ave usually has them. You may want to call in advance.

    4750 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60625
    (773) 728-7243

    1. >> Any idea where to find Cheese Curds in Chicago/Evanston?

      I'm pretty sure I've seen them at the Evanston Farmer's Market (the big one in downtown Evanston, Saturday mornings through November 3 - ). I *think* they were at the Brunkow Cheese booth, but there are a couple of cheesemakers at the market, so you might want to check all of them.

      1. I have seen them at the Whole Foods on Kingsbury, in a variety of flavors. Have you tried the Evanston WF? Once you find them can we all come over for poutine? Sounds decadent!

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          Evanston joke...

          >> Have you tried the Evanston WF?

          Which one?

          The one on Chicago Avenue.

          Which one?


        2. Thanks all! I was planning on hitting the farmers market tomorrow and am forever walking by the Whole Foods at Chicago and Church so will check it out tonight.

          If you can find me then poutine is yours :)


          1. I saw cheese curds last week at the big new Mariano's just off East Randolph on Benton Place. Lower level, ordinary cheese department, as opposed to upper level, fancy cheese department).