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What Happened to the Mariscos Chihuahua on Irvington in Tucson!?

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We don't get to Tucson often but stopped by there for lunch yesterday. Well, we tried to have lunch. The neon in the windows was lit but there was a chain padlocked across the door. What's going on?!


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  1. Oh lord, I hope it isn't city wide, i don't know what I'd do without Mariscos Chihuahua.

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      Right, exactly.

      There used to be a fine Mariscos in Sierra Vista, AZ, about 18 minutes from where we live. Out of the blue that one closed down late last year, leaving one-count'em-one good place in town (Tanuki for sushi). Yesterday we'd been awake since 3:00am, arrived back at the Tucson airport about noon, & zapped straightaway over there for lunch. Nope. Disappointing to say the least. We found a different Mexican place a few minutes away that was, well, ok, but not Marsicos. What's going on here?

      1. re: FishTales

        Most of the good old stand-by's have closed. The local economy has really hurt the family run places.

        1. re: Sid Post

          Oh seven hells- we need our Mariscos Chihuahuas, let's all eat there once at least every two weeks and take out of towners there every time. They have takeout, too, you know.

          1. re: EWSflash

            We haven't been back to Tucson since my opening post. Is the one on Irvington open again? Are any still open?! Thanks... & here's hoping.


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              Why don't you just call them? There are 6 other Maricos locations in Tucson according to their website. The original on Grande has been there forever and is the best out the 3 or 4 that we have tried. Their number is 520.623.3563.