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Oct 18, 2012 12:51 PM

corkage fees in Vegas

Are there any restaurants in Las Vegas that allow BYOB wine & charge either no corkage or a low corkage fee?

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    1. There are some restaurants that we go to that offer one night a week without charging corkage.

      What do you consider a low corkage fee?

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      1. re: Philber

        How about 15 or less? I believe that's what Lotus of Siam charges? Also we'll be there from Monday to Friday -- so a week-night deal would work for us. Thanks for any info.

        1. re: Judybo

          FWIW, I've found Lotus of Siam to have one of the best wine lists in Vegas, *and* one of the most reasonable . . .

          1. re: Judybo

            Pinot Brasserie (The Venetian) doesn't charge for corkage.

            On Wednesday's Todd's Unique in Henderson doesn't charge a corkage fee.

            Roy's Hawaiian Fusion doesn't charge a corkage fee certain times of the year - give them a call to confirm for your visit.

            Marche Bacchus doesn't charge a fee on Monday's but ONLY for wines from their store - prices aren't bad. Normally they only charge the retail price plus $10 so you are saving $10. Their regular corkage is $25.

            Most of the Strip restaurants that I have been to charge between $35 and $50; but there are some at $25 and some at $100. Some options at $25 include Delmonico (Venetian), Kokomos (Mirage), Morels French Steak House (The Palazzo), Smith and Wollensky,

            1. re: Philber

              How is the Pinot brasserie? That is a great deal to not have corkage. I was planning on going to bouchon one night but I might not based on that, and go to this Pinot instead. I am not sure I want to have French brasserie fare both nights in Vegas ( as much as I like it)

              1. re: cstiv

                Bouchon gets a lot of love on this board. Having said that, here is a link to what John Curtas (local restaurant critic) had to say about Pinot:


        2. We went to Pinot Brasserie many years ago and it was very good. At the corkage pricing you are looking for, I don't think you are going to have much luck. That is asking for a lot in Vegas.

          Also, there is no reason to bring wine to Lotus as they have a great list at reasonable prices.

          The MGM properties limit corkage to two 750 bottles but most allow corkage.