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Oct 18, 2012 12:27 PM

Shogun Legends in wall

I am heading there for business on Tuesday night. Does anyone have any food recommendations?

The ribeye hibachi caught my eye. However, a few rolls might be in the mix for my group of 3....

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  1. I like the place, though the location is a bit of a drag for me. The sushi is quite good, but the Crispy Whole Fish was the best thing I ever tried there.

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      Cool thanks MGZ. If you are into whole fish I would recommend trying the Thai place in Atlantic Highlands. They have good whole snapper for 19 bucks. Its a smaller "mom and pop" type shop and BYOB.

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      1. I went on Wednesday night with two friends. I really enjoyed the kimchi, though a little more fermentaion would have been nice. The pork steamed dumplings were very tasty in a garlic sauce, but very tiny. We got five in the serving. The shanghai eggplant scallop/shrimp topping was good, but the eggplant was slightly undercooked for my taste. There was no sauce on it, as advertised in the menu.

        I had the crispy whole fish, and my friends both had the rack of lamb. They enjoyed their lamb immensely. The fish was terrific, very flavorfull and the presentation on the plate was great. But I think the chili sauce that was served with it was just a plain bottled sauce. That was disappointing.

        The ambiance is very nice, but service was disappointing. Our server never asked if we wanted sides with our entrees, and I forgot all about it until the entrees came. By then it was too late. When they cleared the dinner plates, he took every single plate off the table and stacked them high in his hands. He had a tower working, and I thought if he drops all of them it was be a huge mess. When he brought out extra spoons for the dessert, he literally tossed the spoons on the table.

        For dessert two of us had the banana tempura, and the other peanut butter something or other. The banana tempura was disappointing. The "tempura" around the banana was very doughy and almost impossible to cut into smaller pieces with the spoon. It was quite tough. Presentation was nice, with vanilla ice cream in the middle, but the taste and lack of a light tempura batter just didn't do it for me.

        All in all, for those a la carte prices, and atmoshere, I expected better. It wasn't the worst meal of my life, I'm glad I went with good friends and we had a fun night. But it's not going to be on my regular rotation of fun spots to return to over and over again.