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Eggplant Parmigiana - Where do you go for it ?

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If you even do...

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  1. Amarone on Sunset does a great job with epp.

    1. In sandwich form..........Vito's!
      "Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich vito`s favorite! it`s the eggplant parmesan made into a sandwich. $8.95"

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      1. thanks i've never tried it at either place... yet.

        1. Victor Jr.'s on Washington in Culver City does a nice eggplant parm, on a sandwich or as a plate.

          1. Domenico's in La Puente, its the newest location, so far beslandslide...small family run chain, with all my favorite beers readily available..yumm

              1. I like Palermo's on Vermont. The eggplant is crispy not soggy. I sometimes get on pizza and on baked rigatoni. I know a lot of people don't I like it, but if you stick with the basics it's is good and reasonable.

                1. My vote goes to Matteo's/Taste of Hoboken on Westwood...excellent... better than Victor's...excellent sausage and peppers too!

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                    I'll give Taste of Hoboken a try. Not even much more expensive, considering they include a side salad or fries.


                  2. How about Casa Bianca? I love their eggplant on my pizza, and they offer eggplant parm as either a sandwich or an entree.

                    1. As an entree, the Capri Restaurant in Eagle Rock.

                      In a sandwich, Eastside Market Italian Deli.